Los pilones garganta de los infiernos

Los pilones garganta de los infiernos

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If you want to continue walking you can continue following the marks of the Route of the Gorge of the Hells, from here it crosses the valley through the shade of the Risco Encinoso, so called because of the curious abundance of oaks, towards the junction of the Arroyo de los Tres Cerros and the Collado de las Yeguas Gorge, above the Puente del Sacristán.

Taking the ascent to the right we will go up the valley with spectacular views, up to the Puente del Carrascal. After crossing the Gorge it climbs west towards the sheepfolds of the Zarzalones and turns in one of the best viewpoints of the Gorge, to descend between oaks towards Puente Nuevo or Carlos V, crossing the Arroyo de los Tres Cerros at 880 m of altitude.

Given the current situation, and to comply with the corresponding safety and hygiene measures to ensure the welfare of all, we will establish the following measures to access the Tourist Office:

Las medulas (leon)

Los Pilones is the name given to a group of waterfalls and natural pools located within the Natural Reserve of the Garganta de los Infiernos. This natural space of exceptional beauty is located in the Valle del Jerte in the north of the province of Cáceres. To get to Los Pilones we will have to make a simple circular route of about 7km in total and it will take about 1 hour and a half to complete. In this article, we tell you about our experience in one of the best known routes in the Jerte Valley.

We start the excursion from the Interpretation Center of the Natural Reserve of the Garganta de los Pilones. There they give us a map and tell us the recommended route to get to Los Pilones. In the vicinity of the center we will see a sign that marks the beginning of the path.

After approximately 35 minutes of pleasant walking we reach the forest track. A sign indicates the way to Los Pilones, which is only 10 minutes away. For the way back we will follow the forest track in the opposite direction until we reach the Interpretation Center.


One of these privileged enclaves and perhaps one of the best known is the Garganta de los Infiernos, a Natural Reserve of 6,800 hectares full of streams, waterfalls, waterfalls and natural pools located in the lush Jerte Valley, famous among other things for its flamboyant cherry trees and its spectacular spring bloom.

Among the many hiking trails that you can do in the Jerte Valley, there is one that stands out above all, it is the Ruta de los Pilones de la Garganta de los Infiernos (Route of the Pylons of the Gorge of Hells). A simple route of 3 km – one way – that can be done in less than 1 hour and whose final reward is well worth it!

Although part of the route runs through the shadows of the trees, there are areas where the sun hits full force, so, in the middle of summer, it is advisable to get up a little early to avoid making the walk in the middle hours of the day and of course, bring protection and a good bottle of water.

Although you can stay in those that are at a lower altitude, the fun is to climb the path enabled to those located at higher altitudes and go down gradually through the different puddles, letting yourself be carried away by the riverbed itself. Of course … only suitable for the most daring!

Plasencia spain

Los Pilones are located in the Natural Reserve Garganta de Los Infiernos. They are a succession of thirteen pools carved in the stone, forming natural pools. It is a natural environment of great beauty and scenic value that offers these and many other leisure and hiking options in the Jerte Valley area.

During the months of June, July and even August cherries are harvested. For this reason, it is normal to see numerous day laborers in the fields picking the fruit from the trees. And, mostly, women in the garages or warehouses arranging the product for sale.

Here we can provide information on this particular route and others that can be carried out within this natural area. In addition, they have information panels and audiovisual room to learn more about the natural heritage of the Garganta de Los Infiernos.

Although most of the route is done in the shade of the trees, there are areas where the sun hits hard. So we recommend in summer to avoid the hottest hours of the day and bring water.

Los pilones garganta de los infiernos
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