Songs that describe personalities

Do you think you don’t have a song that just with its title defines your life? At Cadena Dial we help you find it. All you have to do is take the following quiz, share your result with us and tell us if you really feel identified with it! (If you don’t see the test, click here)

Are you a very independent person who has always made decisions on your own? You don’t like to follow fashions and your preferences don’t correspond to those of the majority? Then for sure A mi manera, by Chenoa, is the song you get as a result. Like the artist, you know yourself well enough to know what you do because you want to and what you do because society leads you to it.

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Test which song sums up your life

We all have a song that makes us feel a little bit special. That great song that plays and provokes a very bad chemical reaction in our brain and makes us do unexpected things. If you still haven’t figured out which song sums up your life, we propose a simple test. Sit back and enjoy.

You’re what’s known as a classicist. An affable person with many friends who has things clear and avoids eccentricities. You are very clear about your tastes and you are proud of them. Don’t change

You don’t give a damn what others think. There is only one life and you have to enjoy it. Anything less than unbridled partying is a waste of energy and time. You may not make it to old age, but who cares.

Songs that describe your life

The recent visit of the Backstreet Boys has left us in stitches with all their songs, and how not! if each and every one of them have been our crush of adolescence, falling in love with each of their hits.

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And if like us you are also a fan of them, let us tell you that their singles have a lot to tell you about your zodiac sign and the characteristics that represent it in love. Don’t you believe us! Discover yours and be surprised!

Aries in love: They are determined and are not afraid of anything, so when they like someone, they make it clear and give everything for that person. Of course, they are not content to stay in a relationship just because, it must fill them completely or they will not be afraid to change course.

Taurus in love: They are completely faithful to what they want, so they will not compromise too much in those relationships that do not go under the line of what they believe is right. They are honest by nature, so they detest lies, superficiality and detours. They will not hesitate to say goodbye if something goes against their ideals.

Song that defines your life 14 years

Advertising’Prisión esperanza’, by Manuel CarrascoThere are metaphors that don’t need too many explanations. It happens with the new song composed by Manuel Carrasco during these days of confinement, a hymn to solidarity, generosity and optimism in times of quarantine. And it comes with extras, because in addition to an anthem for the thousands of fans of the Huelva-born singer, it is a song of solidarity: the proceeds will go to the NGO Banco de Alimentos.

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‘Volveremos a brindar’, by Lucía GilDespite the terrible nature of this pandemic, the coronavirus has also left some positive news. Among them, the creation of all kinds of culture (festivals, film sessions, cycles, virtual visits to museums…) to consume from home. An example is this song by Lucía Gil that has gone viral through social networks and is a hymn to hope and solidarity that we are living these days. As the lyrics say, “there is only a little more, let’s get together again, we will toast again”.

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