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I’m sure that right now many people in the industry are pulling their hair out, because it seems that even if you repeat this a thousand times it never becomes clear. Yes, my dear readers, a professional is needed for several reasons:

In addition to consulting with a good professional, it is important that you see things on your own. It is about arriving with things a little clearer when you consult a professional and he/she can adapt better to your tastes and needs.

The good professional does not disappear once the job is done. A bad choice can be very expensive. Ideally, you should already know someone you trust who can advise you, sometimes word of mouth is what works best.

Bar – design ideas

The offices in the new normality must adapt their spaces and furniture, in order to guarantee the healthy minimum distance of 1.5 meters between each person. To achieve this, it is important to make a density analysis and create a redistribution plan for the collaborators. Another option is to take advantage of common areas such as the dining room and terraces.

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Regarding the use of materials in today’s offices, it is necessary to opt for those that are easy to clean constantly, such as wood, natural leather and plastic. And materials where the virus survives longer, such as fabrics and upholstery, should be eliminated. On the other hand, minimalist decoration will be a trend, since it allows with few elements the functionality of the space; avoiding saturation and giving rise to a better cleaning.

Make use of technology in the accesses. For example, you can incorporate elements such as intelligent sensors to avoid contact with surfaces, separator screens, temperature control devices, or voice assistants. Technological solutions that configure a Smart office will help you in security, remote work and collaboration.

Gaurr interior design

In his own words, “our proposal has a holistic background since including living nature in our projects helps to create urban ecosystems with cleaner air and reduces pollution. On the other hand, it generates a demonstrable well-being in those who inhabit these spaces”.

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Its vertical forests are already present in Italy, France, Holland and China. The next building that will transform the lives of its tenants and their city will be the Palazzo Verde, in Antwerp, housing by the Jakob+MacFarlane studio, in Paris.

Get to know the behind the projects of los interioristas 2019.

Interior design today is in permanent expansion. The user requires illuminated spaces, materials and decorations materialized plastically with great expressiveness and emotionality and that respond to a strong and solid project concept, capable of transmitting the values of decoration that will determine the success of the project. This is combined today with the need to give new functional and emotional values to spaces, in response to the new behaviors and desires of a society in continuous transformation, to which the interior designer must undoubtedly know how to respond.

This module deals with the main aspects to be taken into account and the project decisions that are necessary in order to meet very specific budgets and the needs of the most diverse clients. Coatings, materials and some technical solutions may depend on budgetary constraints. However, the optimization of spaces and the quality of interiors can be achieved beyond the initial budget. Thus, low cost and luxury interiors can share good workmanship, precise execution, optimization and good space management developed by the interior design of a good professional. This module will also analyze the main trends in interior design in both areas: low cost and luxury.

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