Peliculas de miedo online en castellano

Peliculas de miedo online en castellano


Ya, we also didn’t know there was a part 1 of this Polish production, which was about a group of teenagers who isolate themselves in a forest to disconnect from the internet and have to face something much scarier than the deep web. In the second, a misfit cop haunted by an unrequited love returns to the scene of the crimes. What happens next is pretty crazy and turns the classic slasher genre scheme on its head. Those who are very fond of the genre will enjoy it.

In this case it’s the creators of The Ritual, one of Netflix’s most applauded horror films you can watch below, who are behind this title in the haunted house subgenre. It is well shot but misleads by its not too clear intention to denounce the situation of immigrants in the United States: the protagonist is a Mexican woman looking for a better life and settles in a kind of boarding house for cursed women. It has a very surprising twist at the end.

Let’s go with a psychological horror, in the literal sense. A woman with very extreme anxiety problems decides to undergo hypnosis therapy… never imagining that the doctor who treats her gets into the minds of his patients at such a deep level that he is capable of suggesting them to do anything. Not good, as you might imagine. The starting point is cool, but don’t expect quality: there are a number of moments so absurd that they border on self-parody.

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Rob, a disturbed morgue employee, gets hold of bodies of car accident victims, stealing their eyes, feet and fingers to take them to his «adored» girlfriend Betty, another sick necrophiliac who carefully stores them in glass jars. Rob and Betty become expert necrophiliacs when Rob brings home the rotting corpse of the gunshot victim and they make love to the body in a truly macabre «menage a trois». Unfortunately Rob is fired from his job, leaving him with no more material for his gruesome games…Betty, rabid, abandons him, taking her rotten lover with her.

Deb and Mike see a meteorite fall in the woods. When they go to investigate, they discover that it is a circus tent full of killer clowns. After narrowly escaping them, they go to the police station where they are met with disbelief by Kirk, an unsympathetic old cop. However, at his insistence, they enlist the help of Dave, a childhood friend of Deb’s, who helps them in this surreal case. Meanwhile, the population suffers the hilarious attacks of the clowns…

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We continue with the possessions but this time instead of Veronica it happens to Emily Rose. It tells the true story of the young Anneliese Michel (a young German Catholic girl), who died in 1976 after being involved in several exorcisms when she, her family and the priest who treated her, believed she had 6 different demons. The performance of the actress who plays Emily Rose, Jennifer Carpenter, is so good that she was nominated for or won several awards. If you want to spend a bad time glued to the couch…here is the movie par excellence! Director: Scott Derrickson. WATCH TRAILER

A luxury cast with Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker at the head; and behind the camera the famous director Jordan Peele of the film Let the Right One Out which won in 2018 the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. In 019 he returned to the charge with Us, a film that follows in the same footsteps as the other where suspense and terror are more than guaranteed. Director: Jordan Peele. WATCH TRÁILER

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3.-Nosferatu (1922) «Nosferatu» was a free adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel «Dracula» which was renamed to avoid paying royalties. Stoker’s widow succeeded in having the authorship acknowledged, and obtained a court order to destroy the negatives and all copies of the film. Copies distributed in the rest of the world prevented its total disappearance.

Nosferatu (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]4.- Night of the Ghouls (1998)During Halloween night a girl named Angela (Amelia Kinkade) invites her friends to party at Hull House, an abandoned house where several murders are said to have occurred, and where a macabre legend tells of a family that went mad and whose members began to kill each other. The group of ten teenagers who accepted Angela’s invitation decide to have the Halloween party in a hidden funeral home inside the house, and accidentally awaken a demon while having a seance there. The demon enters Angela’s body, and soon it transforms several of the teens into demons as well.The group is also unaware that Hull House is a strip of unclean land unfit for human habitation, as it is a haven for demon spirits that on Halloween night can be effectively summoned. With doors, windows and other means of exit blocked, the untransformed will have to figure out how to avoid being brutally murdered by the demon-possessed victims.

Peliculas de miedo online en castellano
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