The Beyonder made his first appearance back in the original Secret Wars as a sort of disembodied voyeuristic entity obsessed with understanding the human species. As if he were a director of cosmic documentaries, The Beyonder, who wielded the power of a god, took Marvel heroes and villains to an artificial world created with his power and made them fight each other to study their behavior and motivations.  In Secret Wars II, he would adopt a defined physical form, although it was of little use to him in the end.

If there is a justice in the Universe, that is the one represented by the Living Tribunal. It is considered the second most powerful entity, above Eternity and Infinity. Even Thanos with the Gauntlet and the Infinity Gems had trouble subjugating him in his time.

And it should not be otherwise. The function of that entity is to maintain balance in the various Marvel alternate realities, in all of which he operates with the same jurisdiction. He can say with his three big mouths “I-am-the-law”. But if you want to understand it better, be sure to read our special on the hierarchy of power in Marvel.

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In the UCM there is room for characters of all kinds. Good guys, bad guys, mere mortals, near-immortal titans, super-improved humans, interdimensional demons…. The Avengers have just faced their most powerful rival to date, the mad titan Thanos, in Endgame. But is he really Marvel’s most powerful being?

Following the same selection criteria, next on our list is Captain America. The super-soldier serum has endowed Steve Rogers with superhuman agility and strength, as well as almost inexhaustible stamina. Added to that, he is an expert fighter and a born leader, capable of even holding off Thanos with his bare hands.

Vision is the physical embodiment of the artificial intelligence JARVIS created by Tony Stark, combined with the Mind Gem, from which he draws his power. With a nearly indestructible android body, Vision is able to fly, change his appearance and shoot powerful beams from his forehead, where the Infinity Gem is located.


There are several ways one could define the term “power” when it comes to describing Marvel’s best characters. Some of the characters are incredibly wealthy and generate political and influential power. Others have special skills and abilities that give them the upper hand in a fight, and while there are some pretty impressive attributes attributed to these characters, there are some that rise to the top of the power scale. Characters are larger than life, and we’ve compiled a collection ranking the 20 most powerful Marvel characters of all time for your consideration.

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Gabriel Summers is our 20th most powerful character within the Marvel Universe. He is a mutant who goes by the name Vulcan, who was once the Emperor of the Shi’ar Empire. He has gone to battle against Starjammers, Inhumans and X-men at the same time. We are impressed with his ability to control a total of seven elements, including water, wind, fire, earth and three additional ones beyond the norm of electricity, darkness and light.


The Marvel Universe has a wealth of incredibly powerful characters. Some, however, stand out above others. Their powers are incalculable and far beyond comprehension. Here’s our list of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel universe in comics. Are you ready? Here we go.

Emperor Vulcan (better known as Gabriel Summer, brother of Scott Summers, our lifelong Cyclops), is an Omega level mutant with the ability to manipulate all types of energy, including magic, which he controls at will. Once he set himself up as emperor of the Shi’ar Empire, Vulcan fought the X-Men, the Inhumans and the Starjammers simultaneously. With respect to his creator, Ed Brubaker, Vulcan has control of the seven elements (Earth, Fire, Electricity, Wind, Water, Darkness and Light).

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The Grandmaster is an eternal, ancient being who cannot die. He has supernatural characteristics and the ability to bring the dead back to life. He also possesses vast intelligence and wisdom cultivated over millennia.

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