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As you can see, the gills stand out, plus their hair and the surroundings of their body have a mantle of transparent material as if they were jellyfish, giving them a characteristic appearance never seen before. They have almost no nose and the eyes are completely black, like those of an alien. The scales do not go down to the waist as usual, they go all the way up to the neck.

In the end none of this was taken into account for the film, as in the case of the zombies where we had a concept art of good level, they chose not to spend on effects and give us common mermaids, but played by young models and aquatic dancers, the end result was this:

Gemma Ward was born in Perth, Australia in 1987, and started her modeling career in 2002. She made her big film debut in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (although in 2008 she appeared in The Strangers and The Black Balloon).

When I saw her in the movie theater in the scene where she slowly climbs out of the water into the boat, I thought she was actress Amanda Seyfried (Red Riding Hood, Jennifer’s Body), with CGI face enhancements to make her look younger.

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At the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides, Phillip is badly injured and seems to be telling Syrena not to heal him but to forgive him. She then drags him into the water and we never see him again.

This is the mermaid who was captured to extract her tear, she underwent two transformations: when she came out of the water completely: her tail disappeared and legs appeared in its place. when she returned to the water: her tail reappeared.

He runs, wounded by a sword, to the pools after being untied by a sailor from the crew of the evil pirate, where he thinks she died and demands God to give her back to him. When she awakens, untied by him, she submerges. Philip is left waiting there.

The sailor who captures a mermaid, which is very difficult, receives a prize from Lantarón: the right to marry her. To do so, the fisherman must immediately kiss the mermaid, whose tail transforms into two beautiful legs.

The film narrates the adventures of the pirate captain Jack Sparrow to find the fountain of youth, having to deal with the famous Captain Blackbeard and his daughter Angelica, an old love of his, as well as to meet again with Hector Barbossa, his old enemy who has become an enemy of his.


1 045 713 802 USD[3]Succession of filmsPirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End2007Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesPirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge2017Information on IMDbInformation on FilmAffinity[edit data on Wikidata].

It was released in the U.S. on May 20, 2011.[5] The film is distributed, in addition to standard format, in Digital 3D, IMAX and IMAX 3D,[6] being the first feature film in the franchise to be released in three-dimensional format.

British actress Keira Knightley declined wanting to continue with the character of Elizabeth Swann, as she preferred to focus on other types of roles.[30] On this, she stated that she “had an incredible journey making those three films.”[31] She also declined to play the character of Elizabeth Swann.

Similarly, her replica in the previous three films, Orlando Bloom, also denied that he would be involved in the fourth part.[32] In February 2010, Mackenzie Crook, who played the pirate Ragetti, confirmed that he would not be returning by assuring that “his pirate days are over.”[33] In February 2010, Mackenzie Crook, who played the pirate Ragetti, confirmed that he would not be returning by assuring that “his pirate days are over.”[33

Shortly after the release of the third installment, Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the first three parts.

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In their origin, they would have been women and their current state would be due to a punishment from God, who transformed them into aquatic beings for maintaining sexual contact with a group of rebellious angels who, of course, also received a punishment and much more terrible. In addition, it explains that the giants would be the children of these women and angels. They are oriented to the future, in which they can find happiness.

Forms: the mermaids are all naked women with tails, under water they are semi-human monsters although they decide how to look: to hunt humans they make themselves look more beautiful, when they come out of the water they can die or transform into humans as happened to Syrena.

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