The theatrical version of Beauty and the Beast includes several songs by Alan Menken that did not appear in the original film, in addition to the themes present in the animated film. Since Howard Ashman had passed away in 1991, Tim Rice was hired to write the lyrics for the new compositions.

Bella finds Maurice and takes him back to the village. As the old man recovers under the care of his daughter, she explains the transformation he has undergone during his stay with the Beast (“A Change in Me”). A mob led by Gaston arrives with the intention of taking Maurice away to the asylum. Belle tests her father’s sanity by using the magic mirror to show the villagers that the Beast is real, unaware of the mistake she is making. The villagers are immediately terrified of the Beast, despite Belle’s insistence on how gentle and kind he is. Gaston realizes that the Beast is his main rival for Belle’s affection and organizes a mob to kill him (“The Mob Song”).

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Beauty and the beast bonjour lyrics

The series will star Luke Evans (‘The Alienist’) and Josh Gad (‘Frozen 2’), reprising their roles as Gaston and LeFou, and will feature the addition of Briana Middleton (‘The Tender Bar’) as Tilly.

Gad, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (‘Once Upon a Time’) have developed, produced and written ‘Beauty and the Beast’, a project that will also feature Tony-nominated director Liesl Tommy (‘Respect’) as executive producer and in charge of directing the first episode.

It will also feature an original score by multi-award-winning composer Alan Menken, who will also serve as executive producer, and the lyrics for the first episode will be written by Oscar nominee Glenn Slater (‘Tangled’).

Beauty and the Beast’ tells the story of Gaston and LeFou who, along with Tilly (LeFou’s stepsister), will embark on an unexpected journey, full of romance, comedy and adventure, in which the mysteries of the past and the dangers of the present will be the common thread of this adventure.

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Our guest be you

We took it for granted that the prequel to Beauty and the Beast centered on the characters of Gaston and LeFou was on its way. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was announced to be in development shortly before the coronavirus broke out in the U.S. and the project had been at a near standstill ever since. Fortunately for those involved, Disney+ has just officially greenlit the live-action series with Luke Evans and Josh Gad reprising the roles.

The shooting start date makes it very clear that indeed the prequel was stalled: it won’t be until spring 2022 that the actors will get in front of the cameras. And who will be in charge creatively? Two regulars from the house of Mickey Mouse as Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, two screenwriters forged in Lost who later already offered a story series with Once upon a time (Once upon a time), both ABC Studios productions, owned by the same studio.

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The creative directors are Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, creators of ‘Once upon a time’ along with actor and screenwriter Josh GadKitsis and Horowitz, for the record, are not alone as showrunners: Josh Gad himself will be screenwriter and responsible along with them. Also noteworthy is the involvement of Alan Menken, the composer responsible for the soundtrack of the animated Beauty and the Beast, as executive producer, although the composer of the series will be Glenn Slater (Tangled).

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