Irene sanchez fisica o quimica

Irene sanchez fisica o quimica

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Adrián: When they told me I was going to be in the series I thought about the plots. I really like it because I’m playing a different character. Besides, it’s good for my other career, which is as a singer, and I’m going to try to combine the two things a little bit. I am very well and very happy.

Óscar: When they told me I was in ‘Física o Química’ I asked them «Are you sure? (laughs) and they said «yes, you’re in». And before that answer I had done three castings for three different characters and all three went badly. In Quino’s casting I thought «well, I’ll jump into the pool to see what happens…» and look, it came out and I was very happy.

Irene: When they told me I was hallucinating. I did three casting calls and I applied for the character of Alma and when they told me if I minded putting on 10 kilos, since I was very interested in getting a role in the series, I did it. I gained weight and the day after Epiphany they gave me the news that I was already in the series.

Sandra: I don’t know how to define Alma because she has two sides. She has her good side, sweet, angelic, she tries to make everyone like her… but she hides a dark past and her life revolves around forgetting what she did. He has this trauma that he tries to get rid of, but the problems either get solved or they don’t go away and he keeps dragging them along. That’s where his two personalities come from.

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Antena 3 Televisión plans to premiere the third season of Física o Química, which will incorporate five new characters, with plots that ‘will not leave anyone cold and will be close to current events’.

This was stated by the executive producer of Ida y Vuelta -which produces the series for the network- Reyes Baltanás, who together with the fiction director of Antena 3, Sonia Martínez and Carlos Montero, creator of Física o Química, gave a press conference to present the new adventures that will take place at the Zurbarán Institute.

The executive producer of Ida y Vuelta said that among the topics to be dealt with are ‘self-esteem problems, eating disorders or radical groups’. She also indicated that the website has been revamped to include exclusive videos, outtakes and interviews with the actors and announced the creation of a ‘virtual universe that runs parallel to life at the institute at the center of the series where the characters’ alter egos are found’.

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