If i stay with you if im choosing wrong

If i stay with you if im choosing wrong

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Do you feel that nobody likes you? Sometimes we make an effort to be liked by others, to be interesting and likeable in order to make friends or find a partner, and yet we feel that nothing works. Why doesn’t anyone like me? Why does everyone seem to find a partner except me? In this article of Psychology-Online we will review some of the reasons that lead you to think that no one likes you and what you can improve to change that situation with 11 practical tips to get a guy or girl you like to like you.

It is very difficult not to be liked by anyone, just as it is difficult to be liked by everyone. Surely you know people who succeed wherever they go. They have dozens of friends, they always have plans and when they meet someone they like them from the beginning. But even those people are not liked by everyone, there are ways to be more open and social. And people who are like that usually don’t strive to be liked, but like being themselves at all times. Their way of behaving is socially desirable.If your case is the opposite and you feel that no one likes you it may be for 3 reasons:It is quite possible that there are people who like you, but if you really have signs or evidence to confirm that no one likes you, it is time to analyze your behavior with others, as there are ways of acting that alienate you from people.

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Great artists of the world, from different disciplines, have dedicated their time to write to love, in books, poems and songs. If you like them, some of these can also work as your wedding card phrases, one more beautiful than the other!

Surely, many times you feel that nothing is enough to define the love you feel for each other. But dedicating some of these quotes, or including them in your wedding card templates, is the closest you can get.

Each of these fragments has been thought with the heart and with the diverse experiences and sensations that love generates. That same love that is present at the moment of sending each of your wedding invitations or something as simple as choosing a bridal hairstyle. May there never be a lack of this beautiful feeling in the world!

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When a relationship doesn’t work out as expected, many of us promise ourselves to be more careful when choosing a partner next time. Why do I always choose the same type of partner and it always goes wrong? Is it really bad luck or am I following a pre-established script that leads me to repeat the same stories?

Many times it is not so much the person we choose as the type of relationship we establish with them. And this is where our parents come into play. The fact is that the type of interaction with attachment figures during childhood, as well as the relationship between these figures, predicts to a large extent what a person’s relationships will be like throughout his or her life.

However, if my needs were not sufficiently met, I will look for different strategies to meet them. Even if they are not the most adaptive. These needs will vary depending on the attachment style. In some cases the need to feel special will prevail, in others the need to be in control, to feel protected, etc.

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«The physical format has that halo of real belonging, that the game is really yours. That is lost with the digital format, no matter how much you have it in the library of the platform of the moment. The market tends slowly towards digital, although it is true that many times the prices of digital games send you directly to get your physical copy, when the «normal» would be that digital would be cheaper because there are no intermediaries.

Personally, I like the physical format much more. That feeling of removing the security plastic and putting it in your console is not achieved with digital, but on the other hand space is finite and a 2Tb HDD is worth much less than a new house».

Sandman left us a short and direct message: «I’m more of a physical format person. I like to have my games in order», while Sparta told us this other: «I prefer digital, because in Argentina, or at least in my province, there are no physical game stores and it is usually more expensive. On the other hand, in digital there are even offers».

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