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Los Planetas es un grupo indie español de la ciudad de Granada que comenzó en la segunda mitad de la década de los noventa y continúa en la década del 2000. El primer éxito del grupo fue “Qué puedo hacer” de su disco “Super 8”, aunque antes habían tenido cierto éxito con varias maquetas en un concurso de la emisora pública española “Radio 3”. more “

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Songs to practice the future in spanish

There is an edited version of Un buen día for its broadcasting in radio formulas in which the phrase “I have been with Eric until six o’clock and we have had four million stripes” is changed by “I have been with Eric until six o’clock and I have read in El Marca that the one with stripes has been injured”.[1] [2] [3] In the lyrics, the football player Gaizka Mendieta is mentioned,[3] creating a relationship between him and the group which resulted in a joint photo session at Camp Nou.

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The lyrics mention the footballer Gaizka Mendieta,[3] creating a relationship between him and the band that resulted in a joint photo shoot at Camp Nou organized by Rockdelux magazine[4] and by Gaikza’s appearance on stage with the band at the 2015 Benicasim International Festival.[5] In 2005, the album was included, in CD format, in the CDROM format.

In 2005 it was included, in CD format, in the box set Singles 1993-2004. All their A sides / All their B sides (RCA – BMG). The box set was reissued, both on CD and 10-inch vinyl, by October / Sony in 2015.

Songs with comparatives and superlatives in spanish

I woke up almost at ten o’clockand I stayed in bed for three quarters of an hourand it was worth it.the sun came in through the window and some dust motes shone in the air.I went out the window and it was a wonderful morning.I went down to the bar for breakfastand I read in the Marca that the niat was injuredand I didn’t remember you until after a while.Then these guys came over hereand we went down to have some drinksand I laughed with them. I slept until six o’clockand then I read some Spiderman comics that I almost didn’t rememberand I got out of bedI turned on the TV and there was a game onand Mendieta scored a really incredible goaland I got sad just before I left. I had another date at ten o’clockand I went down on the motorcycle to the usual bars where I used to meet youand it wasn’t cold at alland I was with Erik until six o’clockand we had four million stripesand I didn’t think of you again until I got homeand I couldn’t sleep as I always do.

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A normal day los planetas

“Un buen día” is a song by Los Planetas in which a really incredible goal by Gaizka Mendieta is mentioned. It was released as a single in 2000 and is part of the album “Unidad de desplazamiento”. Although the band from Granada never confirmed the goal of Mendieta to which they refer, it was always speculated that it was the one he volleyed against Barcelona at Camp Nou or the one he scored against Atlético de Madrid in the final of the Copa del Rey in 1999. However, we have another theory: The theory of the literalness of the lyrics.

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