Think about us little mix

Think about us little mix

Better to have friends than money

That is why, thanks to all the experiences I have had with the more than 8 dogs I have had throughout my life, the veterinary consultations and the information I have sought, I can list for you a series of mistakes that many people make on a regular basis when feeding their dog.

This causes gas which can cause the stomach to swell so much that it turns on its own axis causing the blood circulation to cut off and the dog to collapse. This is called gastric torsion or stomach distention.

If you want to encourage the dog to eat its food, it is better to moisten it with warm water to enhance its flavor, buy salmon oil sold in pet stores so that the dog eats through the smell or spice the food with spices for dogs (also sold in pet stores).

You can’t imagine how scared I was when I saw him vomiting blood… I believed that «dogs have eaten bones all their lives and none of them have died», well, the vet told me off.

Friends meet in sickness

The world is in an unprecedented moment. The fear and loss of freedom and the absence of contact with our family and friends has us all rediscovering a new way of organizing ourselves, of studying, of working, and valuing everything we took for granted just a few days ago. In the midst of it all…

As far as my memory goes, I remember myself reading. In my childhood summers, I spent many hours devouring books. Since then I have the habit, when I have more than 60% of the book, of taking it with me everywhere, with the desire to finish it. I have the memory that during the course it was not so easy to have….

I continue today with the post I left half finished on Monday, I continue telling you and reflecting on what Catherine L’Ecuyer tells us in her book: Educating in amazement. Educating in wonder (part two) There is a lot of talk about early stimulation nowadays, but we must be careful about stimulating too much. In the…

Benefits of having friends

Water has the highest surface tension among the surface tensions of all other common liquids (except mercury, which has a higher tension). Surface tension is the ability of a substance to stick to itself, to form a single body (adhere). This is the reason why water can form droplets and also when you look at a glass of water, it has the property of sticking and «rising» to the place where it touches the glass of water (the «meniscus»). Plants are happy that water has a high surface tension because they use capillary action to draw water out of the soil and transport it up through their roots and stems.

No wonder they call it the Great SALT Lake. The water in the Great Salt Lake varies in salinity by both the location of the sample and the time the sample is taken. In this example, we are assuming that the water contains about 20 percent salt concentration. In other words, about one-fifth of the weight of the water is represented by salt. And how much saltier is the water in the Great Salt Lake than the water in the sea? Quite a bit saltier. Sea water has a salt concentration of about 3 1/2 percent.

Neurons in the stomach

Normally the problem is not that the dog does not eat anything but that it does not eat dry food. In the hypothetical case that it is true that the dog does not eat anything during the day, it is important to inform the veterinarian in case it could be related to any pathology. Watch our veterinarians’ video: My dog does not eat

In that sense, we must be aware that there are a multitude of feeds on the market with very different compositions and qualities and that it may happen that the dog finds a particular brand unappetizing. I would always recommend in this situation to make a change of feed with a different composition to evaluate if the dog really does not want to eat dry feed because he does not like it.

Another way to try to make the food more palatable is to offer him a sniffing job where he has to actively search for the food. Instead of putting it in his feeder, we spread it out a bit so that he has to find it using his sense of smell. It has been proven that the simple fact of having to search with the sense of smell is satisfying and stimulating for them, so it often becomes a surprising and quick solution.

Think about us little mix
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