Theres nothing holdin me back

Theres nothing holdin me back

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As a consequence of all the above, it is essential to verify that your company is withholding you correctly to avoid surprises when making the IRPF declaration. To make the calculation you can use the website of the Tax Agency.

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This affects the unemployed worker in two moments: in the collection of benefits month by month and in the annual income tax return. We look at each one below. At the end of the article we also explain that, in addition to the IRPF withholding, when the worker receives the contributory benefit, a part of the Social Security contribution is also deducted.

Unemployment is considered as earned income and therefore the SEPE can withhold a percentage of income tax from the unemployment benefit, which will then be adjusted in the annual income tax return. If little or nothing is withheld, at the time of filing the income tax return we will probably have to pay quite a lot. And if the withholdings have been high, it is possible that the annual tax return will be returned.

There’s nothing holding me back cover

With the IRPF withholdings the Treasury estimates what we must pay when making the income tax return and subtracts that amount from our paycheck so that later the scare is not so big. This also ensures real time liquidity and not having to wait for the tax return period to start.

At the time of the income tax return, we can see what the State has withheld from us with what we would actually have to pay, so that if they withheld more, they will return the difference and if not, we will have to make a payment.

It is normal that it crosses our mind to receive a higher net salary at the expense of the IRPF withholding that our company makes us, than to receive this money at once with the return of the income tax return. The question is: Can I ask my company to withhold less percentage of my salary than it withholds?

Well, the answer is no.  The withholdings applied by our company depend on the gross salary and the particular situation of the taxpayer at any given moment, and can be modified if circumstances change.

Theres nothing holdin me back
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