mary carmen zamdior – si es cierto tu amor (if your love is true)

Faced with this panorama that was slowly emerging in Latin America of a Theology of its own without recognizing and rejecting the universality of the doctrine of the ordinary magisterium of the Church, built on an immanentist and horizontal conception of religion; established in an anthropocentrism made in the image and likeness of modern man for the conquest of the earthly paradise by means of a reductionism and political-religious syncretism inferring in the “aggiornamiento to the new signs of the times”, of materialistic influence and of little sensibility for the gratuitous dimensions of faith.

The then Cardinal Ratzinger denounced and alerted the world and especially the members of the Catholic Church of the dangers and deviations of this new theological program in the Instructions on Liberation Theology, “Libertatisnuntius” (1984) and “Libertatisconscientia” (1986). The Latin American Bishops with their magisterium also contributed their grain of sand in communion with Rome with the appearance of the document of Puebla (1979); causing important calls of attention and corrections in front of more than one erroneous point within a movement full of just claims, although resorting to wrong and few evangelical methods. The pastors in Medellin did not accept “salvation” through Marxist collectivism and did not experience doubts, even if they were “methodical”, about the validity of the social magisterium of the Church. The directives of the ordinary magisterium of the Church were splendidly reflected in these documents exposing a fraternal and charitable correction to the observations germinated from the very beginnings of such an updated and modern “liberationist” mentality.

el arrebato a lo mejor

Ese día, su hermano Fidel, en un arrebato colectivista no recomendado por casi nadie -y menos por el vicepresidente Carlos Rafael Rodríguez, un viejo comunista que mostraba algunos vestigios de prudencia- confiscó y nacionalizó casi 60.000 pequeñas empresas que aún permanecían en manos privadas después de que las grandes y medianas empresas habían sido engullidas en los dos primeros años de dictadura.

Aarón cometió un grave pecado cuando cedió a los clamores del pueblo e hizo el becerro de oro en el Sinaí; y otra vez cuando se unió a María en un arrebato de envidia y murmuración contra Moisés.

Aarón cometió un grave pecado cuando cedió a los clamores del pueblo e hizo el becerro de oro en el Sinaí; y otra vez, cuando se unió a Miriam en un arrebato de envidia y murmuración contra Moisés.

El ataque a las iglesias y a los misioneros se justificó como una reacción contra la conversión, al igual que la limpieza étnica que siguió al incidente de Godhra se justificó apelando a la ley newtoniana de cada

los chichos amor pecador

I didn’t know Ariel de Cuba, although if you do a little research, he is the creator of hits like ‘Esto es pa ti’ and ‘Fruto prohibido’. In addition, he has the merit of having generated the catchiest, most danceable and funniest song of this quarantine.

I discovered Sofia Ellar thanks to Instagram and I’ve loved her style. In addition to participating in both ‘Quédate en tu casa’ and ‘Resistiré 2020’, she has co-created, along with her partner Álvaro Soler, a lyric that sums up many of our longings when all this is over.

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By chance we ended up in Thailand, discovering its paradisiacal sandy beaches and the suffocating heat of Bangkok, and there was nothing casual about the visit to Budapest, one of the European capitals I most wanted to see and from which I returned delighted.

I have read quite a lot and in different styles and, most importantly, I liked most of the books very much. For that reason, and because I have found that I have not dedicated a single post in 2019 to reading, I will leave you my recommendations this January.

manuel lombo and laura marchena – todo el mundo (music)

Her work, which is not extensive in words, is intense in lyricism: Campanas del alba, Octubre and Tiempo inmóvil. She was reluctant to edit and polished each verse with the patience of a goldsmith. She would spend months working on a sonnet, and it is possible that before considering it finished she would have reworked it many times. When in October 1979 (Armenia’s anniversary) we entertained her on the occasion of the Literary Merit Medal awarded to her by the Quindío Government, she gave me, over a few glasses of whiskey, two hot poems: Llama and Brasa:  (Actually, he did not give them to me, but I extracted them from the book where I kept them, after having read them to me).

It is necessary to say, to affirm the previous concept, that Carmelina Soto was flame and life. She turned her passions into song. Among the gusts of loneliness that lashed her existence, the flame of love always remained lit. More than a living love, it was a poetic and philosophical love. He interpreted the meaning of life through different symbols: mirrors, glasses, wine, flames, the rose…

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