The black angels death song

The black angels death song

and i will return

After the musical event they recorded an album that began to be played in the region. First it was in Chillán itself, then in Concepción and later in Los Angeles: «And it sold and sold and sold. Until an EMI executive went and signed them. In that group there was him (Mario), Germaín and three others from San Carlos. The other three couldn’t keep up with the pace and left.»

«They recorded the album with the three of them, the first four songs and Mario and Germaín stayed in Santiago, but in miserable conditions. Mario told me that they slept in the Santa Lucia hill because they had nowhere to go, one night they recorded, they missed the bus», revealed Bagnara.

Finally, the manager recalled the passage of Los Ángeles Negros through various stages, including the Vive Latino in 2015, where they shared with young artists who performed their songs, such as the brothers Francisco and Mauricio Durán (Los Bunkers, Lanza Internacional) and Emmanuel del Real, from Café Tacvba.

a tu recuerdo

Los Ángeles Negros son un grupo chileno de baladas pop formado en San Carlos de Chile en 1968. La formación más conocida del grupo estaba formada por el cantante Germaín de la Fuente, el guitarrista Mario Gutiérrez, el teclista Jorge González, el bajista Miguel Ángel «Nano» Concha y el batería Luis Ortiz. Su música es una mezcla de boleros, funk psicodélico y música rock, conocida como Balada rockmántica.

Los miembros originales de la banda eran tres adolescentes y un trabajador de una escuela local. Tras ganar un concurso local en junio de 1968, grabaron y publicaron su primer sencillo, «Porque te quiero», que atrajo la atención de los representantes de la discográfica chilena Odeon Records, instando a dos de los cuatro miembros del grupo a grabar un álbum con otros tres músicos de estudio. Como resultado, grabaron Porque Te Quiero en 1969, y varios singles que ocuparon los primeros puestos de las listas de éxitos de América Latina en los años siguientes.

Tras la salida de De la Fuente del grupo, la mayoría de los miembros de la banda clásica también se marcharon y crearon bandas con nombres similares, como Germaín y sus Ángeles Negros y Los Ángeles de Chile. El guitarrista Mario Gutiérrez siguió trabajando con otros músicos bajo el nombre de Los Ángeles Negros. Las canciones de Los Ángeles Negros han sido versionadas por cantantes como Celia Cruz, Raphael y José Luis Rodríguez, mientras que otras han sido sampleadas por músicos de hip-hop y rap como Funkdoobiest, Damian Marley, los Beastie Boys y Jay-Z.

because he lost his voice germain de la fuente

Since their foundation, they quickly achieved international fame. However, in 1973 a crisis began that resulted in the resignation of Germaín de la Fuente from the band in 1974 to continue a personal project in Mexico, called Germaín y Sus Ángeles Negros. The rest of the group, then led by Nano Concha, with Luis Astudillo on drums and the new vocalist, Ismael Montes, continued their career in Chile, keeping Mexico as one of their main venues. A new crisis in 1982 divided the band once again, which, in spite of the

The single had on its A side a version of the song «Porque te quiero», by composer Orlando Salinas.[n 1] After returning to San Carlos, they incorporated Federico Blasser in the 2nd Guitar, and with him they made some presentations in the area, until the band’s activity began to decline.[1] In 1974, and after the success of the band’s first album in Chile, the band was formed in the United States.[1] After the band’s success, it was decided that the band would continue to play in Chile.

In 1974, and after the success of the band in the Latin American scene, Germaín de la Fuente left the group to start his solo career, being replaced by the Mexican singer Ismael Montes.

mario gutierrez and his wife

One of the deceased is one of the founders, guitarist Mario Gutiérrez.The Chilean group Los Ángeles Negros has gone through painful losses in the pandemic after the death of two members, but despite the pain they will offer a posthumous concert as a tribute in the Mexican capital in a month’s time.

«We were left quite weak in every emotional, musical and professional sense, because we lost two important pillars of the band (…) The group was left very unstable but, as Mario said, the ‘show’ must go on,» says vocalist Jhonny Antonio in an interview with Efe this Thursday.

Now, just a few months away from such unfortunate events, the band resumes its journey with the purpose of continuing the legacy of its predecessors and continue to raise the name of Los Ángeles Negros, which has more than half a century of experience.

«Mario was so humble that he never told that Carlos Santana made a very beautiful comment to him, he told him that he was the sign, the guitar that represented all the romantic folklore of Latin America, he kept that in his heart as one more achievement of the many he obtained», remembers Jhonny.

The black angels death song
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