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Although scientific trials so far show that LSD does not cause addiction,[3] its use can cause adverse psychiatric reactions, some potentially serious, such as anxiety, paranoia and delusions.[4] Acute toxicity in humans is not precisely known, but the median lethal dose in the species for which it is known is low: mice, 50-60 mg/kg i.v., rats, 16.5 mg/kg and rabbits 0.3 mg/kg. The cause of death is respiratory paralysis.[5] In any case, LSD poisoning is very difficult to occur, because the dose needed to produce its psychedelic effects is far below toxic or lethal doses, as 20-30 micrograms is enough to experience them slightly.[6] LSD does not cause physical dependence.

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LSD does not cause physical dependence.[22] Frequent use of the drug or related drugs (such as mescaline and psilocybin) generates rapid tolerance, so that consumption ceases to produce an effect. Tolerance is probably due to upregulation of serotonin 5-HT2A receptors in the brain, and decreases after a few days of abstinence.

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When a sound wave with an energy (Ei) strikes the surface of a material, a portion of its energy will be specularly reflected (Er), another portion of energy will be ‘absorbed’ by the material (Ea) and finally another portion of the energy will be transmitted through the material (Et).

As we observe in the following balance, when we increase the absorptive capacity (pj we double it), we only reduce the amount of energy reflected, the amount of energy transmitted remaining practically unchanged.

For both families this is a very generic description; in practice, within each of them, there are different subclasses, and in some of them materials are even used, with very specific characteristics, which basically belong to the opposite family.

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When a person has ototoxicity, they develop balance or hearing problems due to a drug. This can occur when a person receives high doses of a drug to treat cancer, infection, or other diseases.

If your child has hearing or balance problems while receiving high doses of medication, talk to your health care provider. Mention all symptoms, even if they don’t seem related. You may not imagine that problems walking or paying attention in school have anything to do with the ears, but this could be the case.


Pop princess Britney Spears also has a song dedicated to this type of relationship, Toxic: And it’s one of her biggest hits! Released in 2003 on the album In The Zone, Britney proved that dangerous love was her thing. In fact, in 2011 she sang directly that she was in love with a Criminal.

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And there’s nothing less romantic and crazy than someone telling you the following: “Can’t you see that you belong to me? How my poor heart aches with every step you take. Every move you make and every promise you break, every smile you fake…I’ll be watching you.” If your relationship is anything like this, you’re overdue for a restraining order.

Sometimes sending someone to fréir asparagus is the best option. Especially when that person is homophobic, racist and has a medieval point. Lily Allen knows it well and dedicates this song to all those people who, whether lovers or acquaintances, are evil by nature. Because there are behaviors that should not be tolerated. Goodbye toxic people!

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