Sabina lo niego todo disco

Sabina lo niego todo disco

ni tu eras para tanto

We already have the first song of Joaquín Sabina’s new album. The master comes denying everything, dismantling the image that many people have of him and that the press has also been responsible for creating and maintaining. To listen to the song «Lo niego todo» you can go to iTunes, to buy and download the digital version, in mp3, and if you want to listen for free you can do it through Spotify. Spotify Premium users can download songs on mobile, tablet and other devices.

«You know, it’s about changing the legend of the skull, the minstrel of the asphalt and the prophet of vice, as they called me in a newspaper in Chile, for the image of a guy who cries with after-dinner movies on Sunday afternoons.»

«Joaquín Sabina to make a song against his own myth, to appear in it as someone who, if he was never quite the person they talk about when they refer to him, at this point has very little to do with it.»

with withered brow

Joaquín Sabina premieres this Friday on streaming platforms Lo niego todo, the first single from the album of the same title that he will release in March with production by Leiva and collaboration in the lyrics of Benjamín Prado.

«The music video for Lo niego todo, shot in late 2016 in different locations in Madrid by producer Estela Films, fits impeccably with what the song represents and gives us a vision of Joaquín Sabina’s immense career from a very personal approach. This video gives us the opportunity to review the main artistic and personal moments from Sabina’s own point of view,» explains Sony Music.

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Sabina finishes off his decade of the sixties with a very grateful album and points to the seventies with a clear conscience. It seems that the crows of musical obituary will have to keep the mortuary formol for a while, because Lo Niego Todo is neither going to be Bowie’s Blackstar, nor Cohen’s You Want It Darker, much less a posthumous Chuck.

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with you sabina lyrics

Since the first dates of his tour were announced back in December, the reception to each of his concerts has been spectacular, with more than 150,000 tickets sold so far in our country alone and selling out the emblematic Luna Park in Buenos Aires four times so far.  In addition, for the first time in his career he will present his new work in London and Paris, at the legendary Royal Albert Hall (June 14) and L’Olympia (September 9).  It will be in October when he will cross the pond again to deny everything in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay leaving Colombia, Central America and the United States for the first half of 2018.  New concerts will be added to the already confirmed dates in the coming weeks.

Sabina lo niego todo disco
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