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“I’ve always composed,” Bandini-Ribó notes, “but Rigoberta was born in 2019, when I suddenly found myself with a group of songs that I needed people to listen to because I didn’t want them to be in my room anymore. I said, ‘I’m going to make a single.’ And it came out just a week before we were confined. It was Too Many Drugs and it started doing well. And here we are.”

Another reading would be in the lyrics, “I didn’t want to either make an apology for drugs or say ‘this is wrong.’ I really have a divided heart, because I’ve done a lot of drugs in my life and I’ve connected with things way up there because of drugs. But I’ve also seen a normalization of drugs in my environment that I don’t like. In the end, it’s toxicity for our body and that also creates barriers for us.” Hence the approach: “Talk about it, but make a hymn to freedom. Because it’s all good.”

“I got pregnant when I had been with my partner for six months,” she recalls about that moment. “I had always wanted to be a mother, but I was ‘pooped’ because Rigoberta was in the drawer. And they put so many fears into you – being a man or a woman, but more as a woman – that life is over, that I’m really glad this is working. I hope there are girls of younger generations than mine who see that it is possible, that you can have a child and continue. Without being Beyoncé, like a normal person. I have lacked that reference and I think it opens a little bit of a path. I, at least, at the time I thought that by my balls I’m going to show the world that I can raise all these things”.

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3:53[bso] “let’s see what happens”, from “love at first sight”. damm star …dammyoutube star – 16 jun 2021

On the one hand I’ve realized that people are thirsty for normal stuff, old-fashioned in the best sense of the word, classic tunes that reach you without understanding why. And since I’ve been listening to that for a long time, Mocedades, Jeanette, Franco Battiato and so on, classical melodies don’t scare me. And I see that people now receive those melodies very well, they were waiting for things that would touch their hearts. And the lyrics, made being as honest as possible, speak a lot about my daily life and my truth. It’s a very simple project in the best sense of the word.

That’s very cool for me. Not only do I get a lot of love back from the public but it’s a very different kind of love, and that’s appreciated because it enriches the project and gives me a lot of freedom. I have always wanted to do whatever I want, and seeing that I have such a wide target I will continue to do whatever I want.

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Since I’m a woman, in a way, any empowering message that I emit, the world will receive it as feminist, and I think it’s perfect, because I am. Although it is also true that when I was in my room composing these songs I wasn’t thinking of composing feminist anthems. But it is true that in the end I was composing songs that were going to make many women empathize with me and free themselves from a lot of nonsense that corseted us. And that is obviously a feminist song.  The important thing in any case is to do what comes from inside you and it will be the world that will put a label on it.

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We chose the first one for the best songs of 2020 playlist and for weeks it was your most listened song on the platforms, but ‘Too Many Drugs’, which is actually earlier, is your favorite and has taken the lead again already with 1.3 million streams on Spotify and the support -now yes- of several multitudinous playlists. It is today our “Song of the Day”.

Spiritual becomes spiritual, when the production changes tempo to try to become a cumbia, and Rigoberta Bandini recites a text with a Colombian accent. It is a hint of the madness that we would later see in ‘In Spain We Called It Soledad’ and which is also portrayed in the live performance recently seen on Youtube for the Thyssen Museum at the end of the following performance uploaded to Youtube. A foretaste of what can be seen on January 23rd at the Madrid Brillante cycle in Madrid: by then Filomena will be history.

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Who is rigoberta bandini

Her name didn’t ring a bell until a few months ago, but now she’s everywhere. Last season’s revelation is already this season’s reality. She is Rigoberta Bandini, author of songs that are already anthems, such as ‘Too Many Drugs’ or ‘In Spain We Call It Soledad’, with millions of reproductions. Behind this artistic pseudonym is Paula Ribó (Barcelona, 1990), actress, director, writer and singer. This Saturday, at 12.45 p.m., she has her premiere at the Teatro Reina Victoria in Madrid, as part of the Madrid Brillante festival. How is she living all this madness that has been unleashed around the project?

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