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And he added: “You’re going to cough a lot. So much, that you’re going to get so tired that you’ll almost faint. You’re going to feel like you’ve run 10 kilometers. And that’s going to be every second you’re here.  Every time you cough, your chest is going to hurt, your arms, your eyes, your back, your fingers, your toes.”

The nurse adds, “And if you can’t get through it, a doctor is going to come in and put a couple of half-inch tubes down your throat, down past your bronchial tubes and into your lungs. That’s called an artificial respirator or ventilator. It’s annoying, and on top of that, you can’t talk or eat.”

He also spoke of the work of the nurses who are part of the care team: “The nurses I see every day here, they have children, they have parents, grandparents, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends. People they love and who love them. They are lionesses in this war. I look at them and think, ‘This woman is the man I want to be.

He added, “You’re not going to think that breathing inside that mask and that scuba for a long time, it’s exhausting, it’s headache-inducing. That the straps are tight, leave marks and hurt you. That you end your day with fried lips”.

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A beautiful and fantastic world, full of magical beings and different races; but ruled by a tyrannical dark elf. Vallis, the absolute monarch of the Nine Kingdoms has only one obsession: to find the dragon’s eggs and become a rider.Echoes of revolution, of change, sound in every corner of the Nine Kingdoms. From various fronts and different places, a group of very different heroes will emerge from nowhere in search of fulfilling the prophecy that will be able to restore the balance between races.

The crew of the Omicron sleeps cryogenically on their commercial voyage to Ganymede. Halfway through their journey, the onboard computer detects a gigantic spacecraft floating in the middle of space. After analysis and checks, they discover that it is a nesting ship whose main purpose is to house citizens and that, to the astronauts’ surprise, it is empty. They have all disappeared. Obliged by contract, they go in to investigate to try to find out what happened there. Of course, they can’t even imagine the adventures, mysteries and horrors that await them inside that metal behemoth lost in the middle of space. Do you dare to discover them together with them?

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“It was the time to feel like an artist for the first time. My parents lost me to the scientist they wanted to make and aspired me to be, and I definitely headed towards this side of art.”

You say that nostalgia doesn’t encourage you as a human being but the traces of the past and especially of childhood, inevitably mark adulthood. How do you value at this point that period of your life?

“At that time there was a very strong competition, which was the vocational schools, a spectacular option. Getting a place made parents happy: “Don’t invent anything else for me, you’ve earned the best school in the world.” In the end life is given to us as it is made, and I’m grateful for that, because the school made me travel other roads and also in those roads art was present.”

“That was like a commitment that touched me like that, all of a sudden. And suddenly I also became the school’s artist. I began to take it a little more seriously, as a civic responsibility, to be an artist.    A detail like that.    That’s why I always say: he doesn’t know what he did…”

Raoul every breath you take en línea

11. Mr. del Pozo, the rich walk on the moon hand in hand with the Russians, those of Sintel drink Don Simon in the campfire of the Castellana, black Africa is starving or soccer games … and the doorman of my house has bought an impressive Volvo … by the way … what is this class struggle?

I know the sea laughs like a virgin, and has an infinity of colors, but you run the risk of talking nonsense about the sea. Someone wrote that there is too much broth for so little fish, and Pla stopped reading Goethe when he said that the sea is an impressive spectacle. He did not forgive the vulgarity.

Because ETA is in favor of insurrection. It does not believe in elections. It considers itself the vanguard of the Basque people and wants to take the hegemony away from the bourgeoisie. The big thing is going to be when the PNV and ETA are left alone, if they are left alone.

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