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How cool! A Radiohead album where the songs have two names… The truth is that it doesn’t really matter. The interesting thing about Hail To The Thief is that it is presented as an extension of what Radiohead had been doing in Kid A and Amnesiac. Very good, but here also appear the limitations of the album.

Radiohead in this opportunity does not manifest a progress as it had been doing in their previous albums. And in spite of being a more solid album than Amnesiac, it also has tracks that at first glance are filler. This is reflected in “Sit Down, Stand Up”, a very poor track for Radiohead, which in the first part only repeats its name and then plunges you into an electronic psychosis by repeatedly enunciating the phrase “The rain drops”. Another case is “The Gloaming”, also electronic, which honestly is too much and like “The National Anthem” is a cut whose live version is overwhelming next to the original. “Backdrifts” is within this category the one that sounds less redundant.

ok computer

Hail to the Thief represents a return to more traditional rock. After the heavy recordings that led to Kid A and Amnesiac, Radiohead tried to make this album in a faster way. However, while those recordings started off very well, towards the end a lot of things got complicated. This resulted in there being two different sounds on the album.

There is also room for other tracks. A Punchup at a Wedding was created after a bad review of a concert outraged the band members. The song reflects how that perfect day was ruined by the negative comments.

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Songs: 1) 2+2=5; 2) Sit Down Stand Up; 3) Sail to the Moon; 4) Backdrifts; 5) Go To Sleep; 6) Where I End and You Begin; 7) We suck Young Blood; 8) The Gloaming; 9) There, There; 10) I Will; 11) A Punchup at a Wedding; 12) Myxomatosis; 13) Scatterbrain; 14) A Wolf at the Door.

In the case of established bands, there is always the question of what direction to take on the next album. By this point, Radiohead had tried almost everything, and they had already stressed themselves too much reinventing themselves and making a new sound for each album, so Hail to the Thief is a sort of musical conglomeration of the styles they had already gone through. It retains many of the electronic elements of its two predecessors, but it is also a return to the guitar-laden sound the band had in the 90’s. The end of “2+2=5” must be the most powerful thing the band has done since ’97. It is therefore the most accessible album since “OK”, although without stopping experimenting and incorporating unusual things such as analog systems, Martenot waves, toy pianos, xylophones, samples…

radiohead hail to the thief lyrics

In general Hail to the Thief is one of my favorite albums of the band, and with 14 tracks I find it complete and solid at the same time. After two quite experimental albums, Radiohead returned to a sound more typical of the previous works (OK Computer, The Bends) mixed with the details of Kid A and Amnesiac. With what seems to me a perfect mix (which they later repeated successfully on In Rainbows). It was also the first Radiohead album I listened to in its entirety, and from which I got many of my favorite songs of theirs (2+2=5, WIEAYB, There There, I Will, AWATD…).

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