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Pixies – where is my mind 2021

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The song Where is my mind? by The Pixies was composed by its interpreter and generally lyricist, Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, then known as Black Francis, after a trip he took to the Caribbean, where he snorkeled. An experience that I also had in 2007, and which is one of the best of that trip to Mexico. In my case, I landed with my girl in Xel-há, in Tulum, or to center the shot, in the Riviera Maya. That moment -I always say it- left me completely amazed and it is totally understandable that from that moment this wonderful song was born.

The most feasible meaning of Where is my mind? has to do with stopping, after having reached a certain age or having overcome a relevant event in the adventure of living, looking back and thinking if the path you have taken is the right one. If you are not satisfied with the vital journey you are making, you have the opportunity to rethink the means of transport, or take another ticket or change vehicle…

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«Where Is My Mind?» is one of those songs full of meaning that has left its mark on today’s urban culture. Although some think it’s by Placebo, the band only covered the song by The Pixies, the true creators of this masterpiece.

What makes «Where is my mind?» a masterpiece is the whole… You can only discover it when you listen to it and feel it at the same time. Its notes have the ability to make us perceive our whole life without complex thoughts, as in a sensory journey.

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I don’t know if the novel I’m writing now will come to fruition, but I have a list of songs that I’m using when it comes to continue with this story. In order not to have the theme of the day section stopped, I’ll be putting songs that are part of that kind of soundtrack.

For starters you have, «Where is my mind?» by the alternative rock band The Pixies and which you may have heard in the movie Fight Club by David Fincher (based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk).

«Where is my mind?» is one of the most psychedelic songs by the band «The Pixies». In the movie version, it is sung by Yoav and the leading actress, Emily Browning. The song is based on melancholic vocals and a soft sound that at some points becomes quite strong, getting us into the madness that overwhelms the characters in the film.

The song is inspired by scuba diving. Yes, Black Francis, leader of the band, made a song about the depths of the sea and it became a song about the depth of the human mind… and the power of madness.

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