Natalia lacunza y pol granch

Natalia lacunza y pol granch

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The followers of the series criticized harshly through social networks that celebrities who had no experience in the world of interpretation were incorporated, but in the case of Granch, the thing went a little further, since after the announcement that the artist was going to be part of the cast of the series, came to light some publications that the young man would have made in his past, before making the leap to fame, and whose content caused outrage in networks, after seeing how, at that time, Granch was dedicated to writing publications of fascist, sexist and homophobic cut.

You are a misogynist shit, I have never spoken out against anyone because I do not know certain realities and I can not get wet. But you have not only treated me badly, you disrespected me and pushed me several times, but many girls in different ways and much worse.- Sara Socas (@socasmc) July 6, 2021

One of the concert attendees recorded the Élite actor performing En llamas, a duet he shares with Natalia, a moment that Granch took advantage of to change the lyrics of Natalia’s part in order to ridicule her singing.

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Among the hundreds of responses to the video, Natalia Lacunza’s was one of the most applauded. Not only because she was the alluded party, but also because her forceful words made her position clear. «Sometimes the sense of ridicule is important,» she confessed on the microblogging network.

Sara Socas: «Anger has spoken for me, but so has the truth «After this gesture, Pol Granch is once again in the spotlight, although it is not the first time. During 2020, when Élite announced that he would be part of its cast, some macho and homophobic messages came to light with which the actor came out in his defense claiming that it was about the past and that it was part of his adolescence. Months later, Sara Socas rekindled the controversy by sharing, for the first time, the experience with the interpreter when they coincided at an awards ceremony: «Pol Granch, since you messed me up at the party of Los 40 of 2019, when you treated me like a fucking shit, I’ve been quiet. You go on Elite, dress like Harry Styles and sing silly pop ballads because many people have looked the other way. As far as I’m concerned: fuck you».

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Pol Granch has once again become a trending topic, and not exactly for something good. On the contrary, the singer made fun of his ex-girlfriend, Natalia Lacunza, during one of his concerts. The networks did not take long to react and guess what happened? Exactly: Pol has been cancelled.

Although now the story is different, because what the singer did was to imitate and ridicule his ex-girlfriend, the extriunfita Natalia Lacunza. It has been while performing ‘En llamas’, a song that at the time they performed halfway. He did it by changing Natalia’s part to caricature her singing and also to make reference to his ex’s girlfriend.


Pol Granch has made a mess again. After the accusations of homophobia earlier this summer with Rauw Alejandro, the former X Factor contestant has become news for making fun of his ex Natalia Lacunza, although she has responded to him.

Among the reactions was, although without expressly quoting him, that of Natalia Lacunza herself. With a phrase, the singer has given a response for the memory: «Sometimes the sense of the ridiculous is important I think».

«Pol Granch, since you messed me up at the 2019 Los 40 party, when you treated me like a fucking shit, I’ve been quiet. You go on Elite, dress up like Harry Styles and sing silly pop ballads because a lot of people have looked the other way. For my part: fuck you,» he wrote in a first tweet.

«Plus there were AR’s who saw part of the situation and did nothing.  So pieces of shit too.  I’m against the cancellation culture, because we can all make mistakes. But one thing is a fuck-up and another is a pattern: repeating shitty attitudes and behavior over and over again. N O,» he says by way of conclusion.

Natalia lacunza y pol granch
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