Mireya bravo corazon vendio

Mireya bravo corazon vendio

mireya bravo – sold heart

We’re really in love with music videos! Two girls from ‘Operación Triunfo’ are premiering with a great song and video clip: Ana Guerra, who won’t even give us the time of day, and Mireya Bravo, who has her ‘corazón vendío’ and her mascara ‘corrío’ from the excitement of the release of her first video.

Although not everything has been nice words …. Many of her followers are upset because the release of Mireya’s video coincides with Ana War’s, implying that she is always in the background.

sold heart – mireya bravo – letra

Summery, with beach aesthetics and a very powerful dance body. This is what Corazón Vendío looks like, the first single of the triumphant Mireya Bravo, which serves as a preview of her first album Tu reflejo. «Many of you were asking for it and I can already tell you that my first single will be #CorazónVendío. It will be one of the eleven songs on my album #TuReflejo. I leave you a little piece, I want to know what you think. Come on, 22 is coming!» he told his fans on social networks. The full album goes on sale on June 22.

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mireya bravo- corazón vendío- menuda noche 2018

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Mireya bravo corazon vendio
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