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Meteora’s second single is an agitated song that frames Mike Shinoda’s dissection of a broken relationship with Chester Bennington, “I can’t feel the way I did before!/Don’t turn your back on me/I won’t be ignored!” [I can’t feel the way I did before!/Don’t turn your back on me/I won’t be ignored!”].  Faint fuses sharp, shimmering strings with heavy riffs, creating a great effect.

For their third album, Minutes to Midnight, Linkin Park teamed up with legendary producer Rick Rubin, who helped the band move beyond their nu-metal roots. The single What I’ve Done encapsulates the band’s new path, focusing on Bennington’s vocals rather than the interplay between him and Mike Shinoda’s rhymes. Moving from vulnerability to despair, the singer explores remorse over a hypnotic piano riff. “We’re moving away from the predictable sounds of the past,” Bennington told MTV in an interview when they released the single.

This song from Minutes to Midnight encapsulates Linkin Park’s disregard for boundaries in their style, alternating rapped verses from Mike Shinoda, with melodic rock phrases from Chester Bennington. “When we finally finished,” Shinoda told Kerrang! about the song, “I said to the band, ‘I think only we could do a song like this.'”

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Undoubtedly one of the heaviest and most aggressive songs of the band, it was the first single from “Hybrid Theory” and the first official Linkin Park song. As I mentioned, the song has a very aggressive tone, and it was one of the most influential factors for metalheads to love it. In addition, in it you can appreciate the incredible vocal ability of Chester, as throughout the song provides a brutal execution. This song is one of the most representative of the band, since it was one of the first songs they composed and, therefore, the first that the world could hear.

All fans remember and mourn the departure of the legendary Chester Bennington, however, having and being able to listen to the best songs of Linkin Park, is a gift that we must thank, and we will do it in the best way, which will never forget them and always keep them in our minds and hearts.

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In fact, the band led by Bennington was the most affected with his departure. “I just wanted to thank our fans around the world for the tremendous outpouring of love that has strengthened our spirit during this incredibly difficult time,” commented a few months after his departure, through social networks, Phoenix, bassist of the band.

After two concept albums (A Thousand Suns and Living Things), in 2014 Linkin Park returned to heavy rock. “War” was a clear example of this and although it did not become a single from that album, it delivered to the discography and their fans a great return to heavy metal, as well as showing their versatility.

Linkin Park’s third album was Minutes to Midnight (2007), further proof of the well-crafted metal sounds. But not only that, as they also put their versatility to the test with more punk-like songs like “Given Up”, with Bennington’s characteristic voice that was already a hallmark.

Hybrid Theory (2000) was Linkin Park’s debut album and in its lyrics it advanced the lyrics with intimate content that finally united the band with their fans. In “Crawling” it shows how Bennington faced his alcoholism and his struggle with his own mind.

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with an estimated 30 million copies worldwide thanks to Hybrid Theory, ahead of heavyweights such as Korn, System of a Down, Papa Roach and Deftones. In addition, this was the best-selling album in 2001 with more than four million sales, reaching to date more than

). It is not easy to list his arsenal of songs to find the best. Among connoisseurs and detractors, many will agree that nothing will surpass their first two albums and a couple of songs, but beware, not everything good is there, tells a

of this “rock ballad” -as the band described it at the time-, was directed (as usual) by Joe Hahn, presenting a spectral journey of emotional situations, mixing the power of technology over humanity.

was produced in CGI with Joe Hahn as director. It features a battle of robots and beasts, extensive artificial intelligence control and the machine-powered heads of each of its members. Seriously, it’s a great classic!#28 The Catalyst –

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