Lidia reyes y guillermo martín

Lidia reyes y guillermo martín

Guillermo martin vs lidia reyes

Taboada nació en Valencia en 1981. Durante su adolescencia mostró una clara predisposición a ser artista. A los 17 años ya había ganado el Festival «Canta», organizado por la televisión valenciana Canal Nou e interpretó Si me miras de Alejandro Sanz.

Decidió presentarse a los castings de Operación Triunfo 2005 para la cuarta edición (primera edición realizada por Telecinco tras el cambio de la cadena de transmisión del concurso). Guillermo se había presentado en la segunda edición, pero no fue seleccionado. Esta vez logró ser elegido y terminó el concurso en décimo lugar. El director de la academia era Kike Santander. Al finalizar el concurso, participó en Gira de verano OT 2005 presentándose en varias ciudades de España, y grabó el disco MUSICAL junto a otros concursantes de su misma edición.

Al finalizar la gira OT 2005, participó en una serie de ficción de Canal 9 de RTVV llamada Matrimonis i Patrimonis encarnando el personaje de «Suso», un joven instalador de WIFI que amaba a una de las protagonistas.[2] En 2006 también fue el encargado de poner la voz a Peter Bread, en uno de los musicales de «Peter Pan on Ice», un espectáculo de patinaje sobre hielo de la famosa obra de J.M. Barrie. La cantante Lidia Kings puso la voz de Wendy y grabó la canción «Follows the stars»[3].

Lidia reyes and guillermo martin singing peter pan on ice

With bulging eyes, sparse hair, and a round and pink face, we can appreciate the couple’s son.    The baby, named Guillermo, like his father, has caught the attention of all the followers of the former Survivor contestant. There have been many messages congratulating the couple and recognizing the beauty of Willy, nickname that his parents have wanted to give him.

Undoubtedly, both Guillermo and Lidia, have reflected a great illusion since they learned the news that they were going to be parents. A few days ago, the singer published another photo of his girl, which, although little more than the inside of the house can be seen, the text represents emotion and tenderness.3Guillermo dedicates a few words to Lidia and her son

Lidia and Guillermo met in the fourth edition of Operación Triunfo. Both knew they had found their soul mate, and since then, they have not been separated. In 2006 they got married and now, with the arrival of the baby, they are doing better than ever.

Life is a carnival – guillermo martin and lidia reyes

The fact is that Guillermo and Lidia’s relationship, properly speaking, was not born in the heat of the academy, but the friendship turned into love some time later and now they have given each other the «yes, I do» in Cordoba.

The truth is that we haven’t seen much of her, at least not that I can tell at first glance, but we have seen more of him on television, in other reality shows like Supervivientes where he coincided with the bullfighter Óscar Higares, who was also at the wedding, or other contests like ¡Mira quién Baila! in 2006, Al pie de la letra in 2007, and** Tu cara me suena** in 2010.

Lidia reyes and guille martin talking about their finalists

Few are the generations in which nothing has happened, and fewer are the occasions in which the program has not been slow to try to bring up an issue where there was none. Therefore, we have filtered all those cases in which there is evidence or the protagonists themselves have confessed their affair. Although breakups reign, did you know that OT has led to marriages or even children between triumphant?

The youngest of the program and the one who had it all: charisma, art and a gift. Perhaps it went more unnoticed than the previous relationships shown here, but they seemed to be one of the sure bets that they were going to end well. It could be said that they got together the handsome ones of the edition -for many they surely were- although the invention didn’t last very long. A pity.

Their love was something special: they were the first to fall in love inside the academy of Operación Triunfo and to show it in front of the cameras of the program. They did not hide their desire, they did not hide or wait to finish the reality show. Their relationship went beyond the edition, but did not last long outside of OT.

Lidia reyes y guillermo martín
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