El barrio costuras del alma letra

El barrio costuras del alma letra

The neighborhood letters

Let’s see who is the handsome one who helps me to undress this tired suit of loneliness… If there’s a brave one to wear my patch. Let’s see how many masters can describe, how the soul feels when someone leaves and fills all your memory with epidemics. When you no longer feel anything, the light in your eyes is missing.

When the voice inside you is silent, that’s when your soul hurts the most. Let’s see who is the handsome one that changes me, in the middle of a sunny day for an early morning, a summer day for a winter one. Let’s see who is the smart one that so if he sends you a bulería and a loneliness, he will dignify the end of party and leave smiling.

And if it’s cold in January I seek shelter under the wings of my hat …. Let’s see who’s the smart one who tells me how to sew a soul that was made of crystal when loneliness broke it into pieces. And now my destiny has given him to say that the illusion walks if it is a thing of two.

El nunca jamás el barrio lyrics

EL BARRIO, returns to the stage to present their new album, Las Costuras el Alma, their twelfth studio album. On this occasion EL BARRIO has stepped into the shoes of an old tailor of hearts to tell us new stories through his songs.

The singer-songwriter from Cadiz El Barrio returns to the music scene and does so with thirteen stories of love and heartbreak.    The singer once again took the Palau Sant Jordi by storm with a long and meandering concert based on his album ‘Las costuras del alma’The singer once again took the Palau Sant Jordi by storm with a long and meandering concert based on his album ‘Las costuras del alma’.

But his songs do not respond to precooked molds and often offer swirling trajectories and long choruses, as in ‘Si no te quieren’, a flamenco-pop outburst in which his voice crossed with those of his two attentive backing singers. New star song: ‘Las costuras del alma’, warm and sentimental without falling into the inconsequentiality of flamenquito.

El danzar de las mariposas el barrio lyrics

It was only in that transition from strings to voice, he admits later, that he began to have doubts about his worth. «I’ve never lost hope, but the first two albums didn’t work very well and I thought that maybe I should do something other than art», he says.

Far behind in time are already those «Yo sueno flamenco» (1996) and «Mi secreto» (1998), especially when this Friday he releases his fifteenth album, «Las costuras del alma» (Concert Music), the twelfth studio album after «Hijo del Levante» (2014).

Compared to that album, characterized by a greater social content, his new work «is pure and hard heartbreak», but José Luis Figuereo (Cádiz, 1970) presents himself as the tailor capable of mending the tatters of the heart. «All the wounds of the soul can be sewn, all except the loss, because there is no thread or stitch that can bring another person from beyond,» he bets convinced.

«That only exists in fiction. In fact, there I contradict myself, because I think that the dancing of butterflies in the stomach must always be felt so as not to pass into monotony. Falling in love is good,» he says.

El barrio costuras del alma letra
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