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Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to find free content download websites, especially if they are the ones that comply with the rules of intellectual property. Even if you want to access any of these links you may never reach the content, either because of the amount of advertising that you can find or because they are blocked in court.

The best thing about this torrent download site is that it guarantees the security of those who download from their website. Do you want to know how they do it? The content is uploaded by verified users, thus preventing malware or spam from sneaking in. In addition, you can easily remove advertising, you just have to install the Ad Blocker.

Being such a famous torrent download site, it is one of the most watched by the authorities, so it is blocked in about 30 countries. For this reason, you may need a VPN to be able to use it.

The interface of this page is very easy to use, you can search for content directly by genre or enter what you want in its search engine. In addition, the movies, series, etc. have cover images to make it much easier to find them. Users can even leave ratings and opinions, so other people will know which content is quality and which is not.

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Tutorial to download movies by torrent

Another one that had to release a new domain to bypass the blockade to the operators, and although from time to time it suffers its crashes too, it keeps coming back like the flus. The domain is online and loaded with torrents in Spanish.

At DonTorrent you get a wide variety of torrent files of all kinds organized by category and alphabetical order. In total they have indexed more than 120,000 torrents and list three alternative domains in case they suffer the fates of blockages.

Some of these sites have more advertising than others, while some may open pop-ups with ads. This is something you have to deal with in many cases when browsing torrent sites. It is up to your discretion to use something like uBlock Origin to avoid loading too many annoyances.

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Cada visitante realiza alrededor de 5,24 páginas vistas de media.Según las estimaciones de tráfico de Alexa se sitúa en la posición 19.929 en todo el mundo, mientras que la mayor cantidad de sus visitantes proviene de Venezuela, donde ocupa el puesto está registrado bajo el dominio de nivel superior .NET. Compruebe otros sitios web en la zona .NET.Los últimos resultados de verificación, realizados el (05 de enero de 2021) muestran que

McAfee evalúa para un conjunto significativo de amenazas a la seguridad. Se revelan los peligros más destacados, desde las molestas ventanas emergentes hasta los troyanos ocultos, que pueden robar su identidad. McAfee no analiza en busca de contenido maduro o inapropiado, sólo se evalúan los controles de seguridad.

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El WOT calcula la reputación de Este sistema de reputación recibe valoraciones de los usuarios e información de fuentes de terceros, evalúa las características de seguridad de y confirma si es adecuado para los niños.

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If you have problems accessing any of these websites, it may be because your ISP blocks access or because it is censored in your country. If this is the case, we recommend using a VPN to unblock it.1. The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent download site in the world and offers a wide variety of movies, TV series, games and much more. In addition, it uses VIP and trusted user tags that let you know which torrents are legitimate and safe.

RARBG has a download speed similar to The Pirate Bay. RARBG has a slightly higher ad intrusion rate, so keep that in mind when choosing between the two.If that doesn’t work for you, you can try these mirrors:,, rarbgunlock.com3. 1337X

However, the download speed is not as fast as we would like and, in addition, some users have reported virus problems. In any case, it is the 8th most trafficked torrent search site on the Internet.5. Torrentz2