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Exoticos are male professional wrestlers whose characters contain homosexual and/or effeminate elements, usually in a humorous manner. These may include female costumes and mannerisms (drag queen), as well as sexually charged wrestling techniques and provocative behavior. This character comes from Mexican wrestling, where he is very popular.

As previously referred to, the exotics are a reaction against traditional norms of what a man should or should not do, as well as against the idea that a homosexual cannot defend himself. Likewise, since female wrestlers usually do not face men, exotics allow for a representation of femininity through their presence in the ring. This act has helped to combat the machismo of Mexican society, since once the advantage of masculinity is denied, it loses all its dominance. The fact that an exotic can stand on relative equality of terms against a male wrestler and eventually defeat him by his own means is what makes exotics such a crucial role in transforming social norms.[2] The fact that an exotic can stand on relative equality of terms against a male wrestler and eventually defeat him by his own means is what makes exotics such a crucial role in the transformation of social norms.[2

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After the death of exotic wrestler Pasión Kristal, who drowned on the beaches of Acapulco, Guerrero, was announced, today the location of his body was confirmed. ➡️ Dies John Huber, AEW wrestler known as Brodie LeeThrough a statement, the company Lucha Libre Acapulco revealed that the body of Juan Gabriel Zentella Damian was found in the Bay of Santa Lucia. It also sent its condolences to the family and thanked the authorities for the work they have done since his death and the disappearance of the body were reported.

It was yesterday afternoon when the wrestling promoter IWRG confirmed to Lucha Azteca the death of the wrestler. Its director, Licenciado Marco Moreno, said that he had been notified on Wednesday that Kristal had drowned.

It should be noted that Kristal had increased his popularity among wrestling fans after he took advantage of his confinement due to the pandemic and began to make videos on Youtube, where he and «Las Shotas» talked about their experiences in the ring. With information from Marco López | El Heraldo de TabascoWe recommend the podcast ⬇️

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Luchadores already took the time to dedicate some words to her on social networks, as is the case of Taya Valkyrie or Franky Monet in NXT, who recalled some passages she lived next to Pasión Cristal, such as trips and some dances they performed together.

Juan Gabriel Zentella, the man who impersonated Pasión Kristal, had great fame in the independent circuit, as he was part of the Shotas group along with Jessy Ventura and Diva Salvaje. In fact, she participated in the functions of the International Revolution Group, IWRG.

He had great rivalries against other exotic wrestlers and, in fact, he got to lucha de apuestas where he lost his scalp against Polvo de Estrellas, Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota and Los Oficiales, AK47 and Oficial 911.

Sports journalist specializing in wrestling. I was a reporter and editor in charge of the wrestling section in the sports newspaper RÉCORD, the most influential in Mexico and in Diario AS Mexico. I always seek to spread this beautiful sport because they are traditions that should not be lost.

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On May 27th the Imperio Lucha Libre group published through its official website the presentation in this capital city of the trio known as «Las Shotas», composed of Pasión Cristal, Diva Salvaje and Jessy Ventura, however, none of us imagined that the following days would be crucial for all of us who follow this sport, unfortunately Pasión Cristal lost his fight against destiny, thus generating a confusion in the environment of this sport.

This caused all kinds of feelings and I witnessed firsthand how the promoter had to deal with this situation, since the presentation of this trio (which now became a duo) was like a coin «in the air», however, in the end the duo was presented in the Arena «San Rafael Norte». The matches of the billboard progressed smoothly, but it was at the end of the third fight that the rain was present, this situation showed that the real fans continued there without moving from the Arena, but also on the other hand, rain on the ring is synonymous of danger for the wrestlers and proof of this was the semifinal match that with great difficulty completed the three falls.