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La versión original de la canción nunca se publicó. En su lugar, la segunda versión, en la que participa Marta Sánchez, está disponible para su descarga a través de iTunes desde noviembre de 2008. La canción se difundió inmediatamente, sobre todo en España, donde comenzó el año 2009 en el número 1 y se mantuvo en la cima durante un total de 29 semanas, estableciendo el récord de más semanas en el número 1 en España. La canción vendió más de 400.000 copias en España.

En los Estados Unidos, la canción comenzó a ser catalogada a finales de 2009, siendo el último mercado latino en el que la canción fue catalogada. A partir del 13 de febrero de 2010, la canción ha funcionado muy bien, alcanzando el número uno en el Billboard Latin Pop Songs y el número 4 en el Billboard Top Latin Songs. Gracias a esto, “Colgando en Tus Manos” es una de las pocas canciones latinas que se han colocado en las listas de éxitos en tres años diferentes, colocándose en 2008 principalmente en España y Venezuela, en 2009 y 2010 en todos los demás mercados latinos, y en 2010 en Estados Unidos.

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M.S: No, I never had a direct conflict with Carlos. It was with the record label, production company, contracts, management… Also with my environment directly. Besides, I was caught in a moment of an interview when I approached everything wrong and what I said was misinterpreted.

Tenth anniversary of the single Colgando en tus manos, do you regret anything you did during that time? M.S: It was a fun time. It’s nice to bring out this new song now, even though it was by chance. It was destiny as the song says.

Marta, how did you live the moment of the concert when your dress fell down? M.S: I wasn’t naked. I had a black bodysuit. What do I care and with the gesture I made I wanted to say that I don’t care.

Marta, is your heart hanging in Alexis Rosenfeld’s hands? M.S: No, Alexis is already history. Now it is another one.The Other ChronicleAccording to the criteria ofSaber másBack to the news ‘Marta Sánchez: “I was always in love with Carlos”; Baute: “There is still a lot of chemistry”‘.

Colgando en tus manos (español)

“Let’s see if we can get people to stop thinking that we are fighting, that we have a bad feeling…”, that’s how Marta Sánchez started her intervention, together with Carlos Baute, in ‘Mi casa es la tuya’. Bertín has hosted the musical couple in his estate in Seville to check if the bad feeling that is so much talked about is real or if they have a good relationship. And that has been, mainly, the intention of both, to settle the rumors. Marta wanted to explain that “I am too sincere to work with someone I don’t get along with”, something that Carlos corroborated, “you don’t have a filter, besides”. Even before arriving at Bertín’s house, both tried to show that they get along wonderfully talking about their children and catching up, also, they did not hesitate to joke that they only talked to each other because there were cameras, putting humor into the matter…

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Carlos Baute wanted to explain the controversy that arose between the two for ‘Colgando en tus manos’; “She made some statements out of context that were misinterpreted. She made a bad agreement with her record company but I am not to blame for that” Although they have made it very clear that they get along well, they have also been honest and have confessed what they can’t stand about each other; Marta can’t stand it when Carlos gets “annoying” playing jokes and teasing her, and Carlos can’t stand Marta’s manias with the lighting. And it seems that the singer has even changed her hotel room because she didn’t like the light it had.

Marta sánchezspanish singer

Colgando en tus manos brought them together in 2008. Colgando en tus manos separated them in 2014. After the controversy generated by the harsh statements of Marta Sanchez to Risto Mejide, in which she claimed to have charged only 6,000 euros for having interpreted the repeated ad nauseam, the relationship between the performers cooled and they stopped sending each other poems, songs and photos dining in Marbella. But that has become history because Marta Sanchez and Carlos Baute have reconciled and the chemistry is flowing again, and the reason for this reconciliation is precisely in the video clip of the song they performed together. This Saturday the recording reached 300,000,000 views! on YouTube and that deserved a change of attitude. So, to celebrate, Marta Sanchez posted a photo of that recording on Instagram and Baute shared it on his wall with a nice message of rapprochement: “Let’s see if soon we repeat”.Congratulations Marta, what a good memory. Let’s see if we repeat soon. #Repost @martisimasanchez with @repostapp ・・・・ Thanks to the 300,000. 000 of people who have visited our video of #colgandoentusmanos #carlosbaute #exitomundial #martasanchez #martisimasanchez #hotelritz #madrid #mariogomezphoto #revistaOKA photo posted by Carlos Baute (@carlos_baute) on Oct 22, 2016 at 2:17 PDTTThen came this other photo also posted by Sanchez and shared by Baute, although this one without a reconciliation message.

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