C tangana los chikos del maiz

C tangana los chikos del maiz


The censorship of C. Tangana by the Bilbao City Council after the pressure exerted by Elkarrekin Podemos and EH Bildu to cancel the rapper’s concert, has been criticized by leading voices within the progressive formation as Pablo Iglesias or Clara Serra.

It is a serious mistake to censor @c_tangana in Bilbao and we gain nothing with it neither those of us who defend culture and freedom of expression nor those who defend feminism. If anyone gains from this it’s the enemies of all those things. (I open thread)

I don’t like @c_tangana but I find it shameful that she is banned from performing. The work of artists, like politics, should be subject to criticism, satire, mockery or beef, never censorship. And for memorable beef this https://t.co/UiwReswnXj

Several aspects stand out in Iglesias’ tweet. Firstly, it is clear that the leader of Podemos opposes the opinion of his party in Euskadi. Iglesias also puts on record that he does not like C. Tangana. It is very respectable that this is so. Iglesias likes rap and the artificial product surrounding Antón Álvarez is far from what Crema (Tangana’s C.) offered during his time in Agorazein.


If there is something that has become fashionable these days is trap, that musical style with rap influences but with a base that pulls more towards electronic music. The most characteristic are the lyrics whose main objective is to show off: money, success, girls… Whatever, but to show off. That gives rise to the so-called beef, fights between rappers through their songs.

C. Tangana is the most commercial reference of this genre, which is why he has been criticized by other rappers and rappers. In the urban world, when someone signs a contract with a major label, he is labeled a «sellout». It is more noble to be an independent rapper away from the industry.

The Bien duro singer has become an expert at throwing and receiving beefs. The mechanics are always the same; someone accuses him of being a sellout and he basks in his success. The first to dedicate a song to him were Los Chikos del Maíz, then came his controversy with Kaydy Cain and later with Yung Beef. We tell you all about it.

C tangana alligators

Drake is Canadian and Common is from the USA. One is more bling-bling and the other is less massive. Drake is gangsta and mainstream, his songs talk about money, women, expensive cars and fame. Common’s lyrics revolve around spirituality and go beyond the «traditional» rap themes. It is deeper, in a way, and that is why in the U.S. he is considered by many to be a «real rapper.» Pablo Iglesias contrasts the lyrics with message and content of the one with the more commercial style of the other. «This kind of stuff fixes me up one day,» Iglesias says.

No pasaran los chikos del maiz

It all started with the release of C.Tangana’s music video, «Alligators», in which the rapper flaunts the Lacoste brand by walking a crocodile as if it were a dog. in which the rapper flaunts the Lacoste brand by walking a crocodile as if it were a dog… we will not go into the bad taste that this may arouse among readers, we simply leave you with the video clip for you to judge for yourselves:

(Famous rappers both, and it is well known the fight that both Riot Propaganda and LCDM have against the trap for their macho and individualistic lyrics that only seek to make money and luxury, forgetting the true values of rap: the social struggle; and its dissemination in magazines of this type).

C tangana los chikos del maiz
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