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Antonio José could not be happier. Grateful to dedicate himself to what he is passionate about, he presents a new album, an album that will undoubtedly be a best seller. We have been able to know a little more about this singer from Cordoba, who has a summer full of work ahead of him. Characterized by being constant, Antonio José ‘does not throw in the towel’. Do you think you know everything about this nice Cordovan?

Like everything else, it’s getting used to something new. Something that changes your life radically, because now you have less time to be with your loved ones, to go on vacation. You go from hotel to hotel. Sometimes you arrive at hotels and you don’t even know where you are. All this is softened by getting on stage and singing your songs.

Not at all. I don’t get overwhelmed, it’s part of the job. It has its good and bad parts, like everything, but well, it has more positives than negatives. I feel comfortable, at ease, and I’m looking forward to it getting better and better.

Always. Antonio is a person who has never left me. When it comes to making decisions, he has told me to count on him. When I have any doubts, I call him to ask him what to do. He is always there for me and I am grateful for that. To have the voice of experience like Antonio Orozco’s, the truth is that you don’t have it every day.

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The twins auditioned in Season 3 Program 1, they sang «Te quiero, te quiero» and made a full house. All the coaches turned their chairs making them advance to the battle phase. The twins chose to be on Rosario Flores’ team.

Los Gemelos performed again in program 8 where they had to repeat their audition song «Te quiero, te quiero», after their performance the twins sang an extra song they had composed for their family. Rosario decided that Antonio and Paco’s performance was strong enough to advance to the semifinals.

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3The theoretical approach to pardon was based on the work of María Inmaculada Rodríguez Flores, El perdón real en Castilla (siglos XIII-XVIII)6 , in which an exhaustive exploration of royal pardon from the reign of Alfonso X to that of Carlos IV is carried out. Rodríguez’s work, which significantly expands on the previous study by Francisco Tomás y Valiente7 , is of utmost importance because it analyzes the general characteristics of the doctrine of royal pardon, its scope and motivations, the requirements to be eligible for the grace and the effects that the pardon entailed for the offenders and the offended party.

4 Furthermore, Rodríguez’s work served as input for other works that can be considered classics today, such as that of Abelardo Levaggi, entitled «Las instituciones de clemencia en el derecho penal rioplatense» published in 19768 , which would be a pioneering study for the context of criminal law in the Río de la Plata and the Indies9. Levaggi’s central argument consists in considering that «the Indian criminal law, adopted and adapted from Castile, harbored a subtle balance between the need to avenge offenses by means of punishment and to prevent crimes by punishment, on the one hand, and on the other, to proceed in a spirit of mercy, seeking the amendment of the offender before his destruction «10.

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-While Antonio Salvá has been very involved in the claims as a victim of ETA, you have always been more in the background. Has it been a thought-out position or is it just the way things have gone?

-I have had a relative prominence in the media of Burgos and Castilla y León, it is true. But I and Antonio are still in the National Court with an open trial. Now four murderous sons of bitches are going to be tried for crimes against humanity. I imagine that not even three of them are going to be tried because one of them is unaccounted for, for being the leading voice in the paraphernalia that ETA put up when it said it was disbanding.

-I don’t have much faith that they will be caught. Unless somehow and luckily they pull the thread and one of the 30 or fifty who are scattered between South America and Europe turns up. But I don’t have much faith.

-It may be one of the intentions. If the PNV approves the budgets it is because, in addition to the money they have taken, they have had a perk. What they want is that the prisoners are glued to their homes and that the next day they go out to the fucking street.