Andrés calamaro el salmón

Andrés calamaro el salmón

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Just what comment 1 says is correct, but there is still more to this song, it makes reference to death because when he got high with strong substances it is not difficult to believe that he was about to overdo it with drugs. He has to tell what only he knows (his experience with death) uh excuse me victor sueiro also, this makes allusion to the journalist, writer, presenter victor sueiro who suffered a heart attack and was dead for 40 seconds and then released a book telling his experience with death.

He repeats the same phrase but mentions Angel Cristo, who was a lion tamer known for his bravery because many times he was on the verge of death because of the tigers and lions he tamed (he also used to take drugs).

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Like the minstrels, his songs are simply a reflection of what he lives and what he sees. Without being bombastic or experimental, avoiding adjectives, fusions, intellectual vanities and complicated words. Calamaro only describes, feels and sings even if they call him Loco: «I’m going to go for a walk alone… Sit in a park and smoke a joint… And watch the pigeons eat the bread that people throw at them».

«Calamaro’s great hallmark is the Brutal Honesty, as the album is called, of his songs. He is a guy who is not afraid to speak his mind and has done so all his life. He lets his influences come out. This is noticeable in ‘El Salmón’, the records he has made with tango, Tinta roja, which is a beautiful album with all those classics, La copa rota, the version he does to Héctor Lavoe’s El cantante», says Alberto Marchena, rock and pop researcher, «podcaster and music geek».

«I give myself to wine because the world made me this way, I cannot change… I am the remedy without prescription and your love, my illness… I am defeated because the body of both of us is my weakness… This time the pain will end», says a verse of Mi enfermedad, a subtle, poetic and accurate example of what Marchena expresses.

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However, other personalities appeared who surprised but also raised criticism. Among them were Sebastián Yatra, Julio Iglesias, Juanes, Rapahael and Carlos Vives, among others. Dios los cría is made up of fifteen songs, including «Para no olvidar», «La flaca», «Estadio Azteca» and «Paloma».

This is Andrés Calamaro’s first release since 2018, when he left us with the album Cargar la suerte. Without more to add, we leave you with El Salmón’s newly released album Dios los cría below.

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Like the Gallo Corneja’s, Igor is from a grounded family that wouldn’t forgive dinner even if the doomsday trumpets sounded, if they haven’t sounded already. He maintains that gastronomy is the new rock and roll and, if it’s up to him, you’ll keep hearing from this man who likes to watch it rain, dress in dark suits and tell stories of food, love and death that no one can understand. Just give him a car facing the sun, a guitar and a song, a beer and rock and roll, and you won’t see his hair around here anymore.

Andrés calamaro el salmón
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