Ana guerra juan magan ni la hora

Ana guerra juan magan ni la hora


After sweeping along with Aitana and the song ‘Malo’, we were very curious to know how Ana Guerra’s musical career would continue. Well, after the release of ‘El remedio’, a new track has arrived. The extriunfita has just released a second single, which features the collaboration of the expert producer Juan Magan and is titled ‘Ni la hora’.

And how is this release of the singer from the Canary Islands? Well, a real candidate for song of the summer and aspiring to succeed the superhit ‘Malo’, with which it shares some features. For starters, as was the case with that one, it contains a message of female self-affirmation and a feminist touch when Ana Guerra (or Ana War) mocks in the verse of that ex who thought she would live waiting for him.

«Now I come and go, alone I entertain myself (…). Hello, look how well I do alone, nobody controls me», she sings before revealing where the title of the song comes from (and it’s from the phrase «Y aunque me lo pidas ya no te doy ni la hora «ª).

Since i saw you

The OT phenomenon continues unstoppable five months after the television program came to an end crowning Amaia as the undisputed winner of the edition. But the success has not only come to the chosen by the audience as the best artist of the television space but the rest of the participants are seeing how their careers are taking off like rockets. In fact, Ana Guerra has just released her first single with one of the greats, Juan Magán, and the video clip of the song, Ni la hor a, is already a revolution on Youtube.

We knew about the musical collaboration between Ana Guerra and Juan Magán thanks to the social networks that, for days, had been promoting the release of the song. The song ended up leaking prematurely but that has not made their fans have lost interest.

Ana Guerra is the OT contestant who is postulated as one of the new figures of the Latin genre with urban touches of our country. Lo malo already let us see how comfortable the canary feels in this style, and the confirmation has come with the duet with the creator of electro-Latin: Juan Magán.

Heroes (we could be)

Ana Guerra had announced that her next single would be a collaboration with Juan Magán called ‘Ni La Hora’, which already made us imagine where she would go in terms of sound. Indeed Ana Guerra stays in the Latin rhythms and in a kind of feminist reggaeton, even if at first it was not seen in this style. And the truth is that ‘Ni La Hora’ is sweeping, with 2 and a half million views on Youtube of the video clip in just this weekend.

Ana Guerra’s ‘Ni La Hora’ is a very simple Latin song, with simple rhymes and a «hello» that you won’t be able to stop repeating this summer. The song is incredibly catchy! It will stick with you on the first listen. There are those who have criticized that Ana War’s voice is too retouched, but she has already defended it live several times: during a preview event, at the OT 2017 concert in Murcia and on the set of ‘Viva La Vida’. Way to go, Ana!

One more time

Last Monday, July 2nd, the fifth finalist of the successful program Operación Triunfo announced the cover of what will be her new single. Ni la hora’ features the collaboration of singer and DJ Juan Magán and last night we could already hear what will be the theme of the summer.

2014: «Hello baby, if you don’t use lip service and you think you’re so wise… «2017: «Hey Fonsi!» «What’s up Demi!»2018: «HOLA, MIRA QUE BIEN ME VA SOLA NADIE A MI ME CONTROLA Y AUNQUE ME LO PIDAS YA NO TE NO TE DOY NI LA HORA» #NiLaHora

Ana guerra juan magan ni la hora
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