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It’s been more than six decades since Bobby Helms sang this Jingle Bell Rock, but every time the beginning of this carol is played, a good vibe runs through our veins. Classics never die, and this is an example.

Let’s make one thing clear: Christmas doesn’t exist without Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You playing in the background. It’s a marriage that can never fail. You’d better get your voice ready, it’s time to get ready to go all out and become a potential diva.

michael bublé christmas special 2020

We are going to try to achieve this by avoiding the typical songs of these holidays, those that are played incessantly in shopping malls and television commercials, opting for other less conventional ones.

If what you feel like is something quieter, more sentimental, if you feel like getting a little melancholic and thinking, we leave you with this version of ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ by Enya, for those of you who are very sensitive!

The British band Coldplay also joined the Christmas carol trend in 2010. With this version of ‘Christmas Light’, they wished the world a merry Christmas. We recommend you not to miss the video clip, we are sure you will love it.

Since Justin Bieber rose to fame he has shown that he dares with almost everything. On this occasion, we leave you his version of ‘Silent Night’, a very quiet interpretation that has little to do with the performances full of movement and impossible choreography to which the artist has accustomed us.

michael bublé christmas (deluxe special edition)

2. Hi Michael: I have all your cd’s and I love your voice. I would like to ask you about 2 things: your opinion about Spain, and if you could make a record making duets with singers of our days, who would you like to count with? Thanks. Pilar

3. The songs that you have written, like “Home” or “Everything” or “Lost” seem to me fantastic, haven’t you considered making an album where new songs are more important than cover versions of classics (which, on the other hand, you do wonderfully)? The songs that you have written like “Home”, “Everything” or “Lost” are great. Have you considered to make an album with all new songs instead of making versions (wonderful version, it’s true) of classic songs?

If it comes naturally, I will include more of my own songs. But on the other hand, if my idols, people like Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra were happy to perform songs by other composers, why not me?

8. Hello Michael my name is Paulo Mario Cejas Moreno from Mexico and I wanted to know if you would be up for a duet with the charro Vicente Fernandez? And what do you think of Pete Seeger’s folk music, would you do something with him? Thank you and your last work is very good, you are the antidote to so much reggaeton trash, so much Beyonce type hip hop, so much American rap and so much trashy Mexican cumbia, thanks for keeping up the spirit of the great masters of music like Leonard Cohen and Frank Sinatra, and don’t change, keep evolving in the same artistic line.

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