Agoney where have you been

Agoney where have you been

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What a shocker! I didn’t expect it… Well, I don’t think anyone actually expected it. I’m very happy and grateful for the fact that people buy it and listen to it, and above all because they enjoy it. Also, the support from the fans is amazing, I flip every day not only with the fandom but also with the people who discover me and join me and show me their support.

It’s taken me a while hahaha. I started it in February 2018 and it hasn’t come out until now, but as I say in the song Más: «I did what I could with chains on my feet». I think it has been a good result.

Everything was evolving and creating little by little. I have met wonderful people along the way who have been contributing, there are songs that have remained just as I created them in the demo. In others, like in Eden, I changed a chord on the recommendation of Jaime Altozano, who opened up another vision of the song and amazed me. It was very nice to create the whole album and see how the songs grew, how they became bigger and bigger and how they improved over time. They were not songs with a short expiration date and that made me very clear that they were very good. I am a person who is very clear about things, but I am open to let myself be advised by the people I am surrounded by, who are wonderful people with very good criteria.

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Among his most outstanding performances in the program are «Runnin'» by Naughty Boy and Beyoncé that he sang with Miriam Rodríguez,[4] «Symphony» by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson that he performed with Nerea Rodríguez, «Manos Vacías» by Miguel Bosé and Rafa Sánchez with Raoul Vázquez[5] or «Eloise» by Tino Casal that he performed alone.[6] Agoney was nominated in gala 9 of the program, and decided to perform «Somebody to Love» by Queen, a performance that earned him a stay in the program with 53% of the votes.[7] Agoney was nominated in gala 9 of the program with 53% of the votes.

Agoney was nominated in gala 9 of the program along with Nerea Rodríguez, and decided to interpret the song «Somebody to Love» by Queen, a performance that earned him the permanence in the program with 53% of the votes.[7]

Finally, he was eliminated in the 12th gala, occupying the position of 6th classified of the program, after a very close vote against the contestant Ana Guerra, who won with 50.3 % of the two million votes counted.[8]

In March 2019, Agoney appeared on the TV show La mejor canción jamás cantada, where he participated in three galas. He won the episode dedicated to the 2010s with his rendition of Pastora Soler’s Eurovision 2012 song «Quédate conmigo»[17] and came in second place in the grand finale with his rendition of David Bisbal’s 2001 single, «Ave María.»[18] In the final, Agoney won with his rendition of David Bisbal’s 2001 single, «Ave María.»[19


Agoney never ceases to amaze us. The singer from the Canary Islands, who gave us an impressive mashup of his songs Black and Libertad, has now announced that he will release his new song Más next Friday, June 19. In fact, this new single, as the singer has assured, is the «beginning of something wonderful».

Of course, the song has been written for quite some time: «This single was actually born in 2018, it is the second song I composed. When I released Libertad I was reading that people were saying ‘what a desire to hear more’ and I was scratched thinking what they knew».

Más is the third single from his first album, after Quizás and Black. The singer has advanced some details about how it will sound and it seems that it is going to be a real blast: «There is everything. There are songs where my voice has a brutal display and they are fireworks. Others, the production takes center stage. The lyrics are quite deep.

«One day I regretted doing things I didn’t have to do, I got on the piano and started to say everything. That song wasn’t going to come out and it was to send it to that person. In fact, I sent it to him in an email. That person didn’t take it very well.»


In the sixth track we also find quite a lot of intensity, but this time it is driven by the rage of having fallen into the clutches of a toxic relationship. Edén is, without a doubt, one of the best songs on the album because of the beautiful choice of words that make up the lyrics, the more melodic R&B vibe and the video clip that, although very simple, manages to convey all its emotion. It is a devastating song that shows a broken Agoney, but very sure of himself as he is elegantly sending for a walk all the pain that person made him feel: «Go quietly to walk through the Eden of lust and loneliness».

Perhaps it breaks completely with the drama of the two previous tracks and brings dance and good vibes that are a little far from the concept of the album -we must not forget that Agoney did not participate in its composition and it was the first song he released, although he would have preferred to debut with MÁS-. The rhythm, the aesthetics of the videoclip and the voguing-inspired choreography create a somewhat bubblegum atmosphere, but it manages to fit the whole work by reinforcing the idea of reaching freedom and accepting oneself after extracting an apprenticeship.

Agoney where have you been
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