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This is a chimpanzee, an orangutan and a gorilla who are in the countryside with his family. That’s how we could start talking about this new simian installment, which seems like a bad joke where animals talk, but that’s just the way it is. It seems that the drug invented by James Franco evolves the vocal cords of these monkeys without the need for generations to pass. These are things of science fiction and we have to accept it without getting too critical.

Caesar is the absolute protagonist this time, that’s for sure. Andy Serkis is a great actor, even if his acting work doesn’t show at first glance you have to recognize that he’s a great guy. I would say that he may have even more merit than a conventional performance (although many critics do not think so), not being characterized as we can see him on screen.

This time the humans take a back seat, and are blatantly classified on the enemy side. Once again, the film plays with the burden of good values on the apes, leaving the negative things for the race that is really destroying the planet by leaps and bounds.

planet of the apes: war

The ‘origin’ was a good start… the ‘dawn’ was a spectacle… but this ‘war’ has been sublime, the finishing touch for a trilogy that with the passage of time will be at the top of the history of cinema.

Matt Reeves has become one of the best directors of the moment for everything he has been able to transmit in just 2 hours and a bit, and above all for how he has achieved it. To perfectly make a summer blockbuster with so much dramatic and political load without losing any spectacularity or entertainment is something quite difficult.

And above all, special mention to the creator of the show. Caesar is already one of the most iconic characters in cinema and one of the few non-human characters capable of bringing tears to the eyes of more than one viewer (of course, thanks in part to the magnificent performance of Andy Serkis who, whether he gets an Oscar or not, is a great actor).

At the acting level, everything at the same good level as always, highlighting Andy Serkis who is excellent, again, as Caesar, giving him tremendous strength and charisma, and Woody Harrelson as the villain meets more than enough, although it does not reach the intensity or significance of Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we must admit that it was something very difficult, but the dynamic between hero and villain is very well developed and both characters share many scenes on screen being all of them outstanding.

order planet of the apes

Not bad at all, maybe too long, visually exceptional, great photography, extraordinary animation. A bit slow, more focused on apes than on people, which I think is fantastic. I was expecting something more commercial, more blockbuster, and that’s my surprise for the good of cinema, I think it flees from the merely commercial. For me it far exceeds the second one. So, recommended.

The beginning is already quite promising with a tracking of a group of human soldiers who stealthily goes to attack a settlement of apes, with clear reminiscences to the Vietnam War (with those helmets personalized with racist messages), filmed in a phenomenal way from above, giving breadth and verisimilitude, with that brightness of the laser shots.

In this sequel, Caesar is a leader with a family who desires peace, wishes to lead his people (like Moses) to a land away from humans and where they can live well, which can clearly be compared to the Exodus to the Promised Land. The religious symbolism present throughout the film, in addition to the aforementioned, the Colonel can be seen as a kind of Divinity who even wears a cross around his neck, and is permanently crusading against the “unfaithful” apes. Another derivative is when the Colonel tells Caesar that he sacrificed his son for the greater good (to avoid spreading the deadly virus, like the biblical Abraham who was going to sacrifice his son Isaac for the greater good), or he can also be seen as the Pharaoh who has enslaved the Jewish people, in this case they are apes, and instead of pyramids they build a wall. Where the humans can be the pagans who only know how to give the answer of violence to problems, while the apes can be a clear metaphor for the Jews eager for Peace and Freedom. There is also the way the Colonel “decorates” the surroundings of his camp, with crucified apes, the humans behaving like the Romans with the Christians.

dawn of the planet of the apes full movie

“Technological wizardry and top-notch storytelling combine in a high-energy action-adventure [film] that concludes the best sci-fi trilogy since the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy.”

“If you’re already on the enthusiast side of ‘Apes’ (…), then ‘War’ will likely prove to be a mind-blowing experience for you, raising the bar with its innovative visual effects and Reeves’ grim, serious approach.”

“This War is a flawless capstone to the trilogy. (…) This film, far from speeches, full of feelings, moral dilemmas, and a brilliant performance by its protagonist, is much more than just entertainment and popcorn. It is good cinema.”

“The digital makeup gives the ape Caesar a great deal of realism, and highlights Andy Serkis’ terrific characterization. This renewed verisimilitude allows for new readings of the story (…) The conclusions are not limited to science fiction.”

“A very good war movie. (…) if we see the apes and they already look like people to us, it is not only an achievement of the technical production. This film is, or seems, much more real than many imagine.”

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