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NEWS – NewsWednesday, October 13, 2021’Tales of the Walking Dead’ anthology spin-off to bring back some legendary characters in 2022All we know about the «most unique» series in the zombie franchise, which just got the green light to be a reality…

NEWS – NewsThursday, October 7, 2021’The Walking Dead’ (11×08): death and war in Meridian and an Alexandria on the edge in the first big denouement of the final stretchEverything we know about the eighth episode, ‘For Blood’, which premieres next Sunday, October 10 on AMC and simultaneously…

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In the United States, AMC will be in charge of broadcasting live the new episode ‘The Other Side’ (7×14) from 21:00 ET, 20:00 CT. In fact, it will run a special all day Saturday at noon with the replay of episode 13 of season 5. It will not alter it until the new episode of the seventh season.

Lennie James, the British actor who plays Morgan Jones in the popular TV series ‘The Walking Dead’, advances to Efe that in the new season «he will face a journey of self-discovery and will have to decide on which side of the conflict he is on». Asked about the criticism received by the first part of the season, branded by critics and fans as «too violent», James believes that «it was necessary to remind the audience of the price of violence».

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While he says he is happy with the success of ‘The Walking Dead’, James, a veteran actor in the English-speaking world, also says he is not used to the «phenomenon» and still finds it hard to be recognized on the street.

Knots untie

The Walking Dead shows us the world at the beginning of a worldwide zombie apocalypse, starting a fight between the walkers and the humans who have survived, led by Sheriff Rick Grimes who wakes up from a coma to discover the new zombie world.

The series is based on The Walking Dead comics, which are a series of comics written by Robert Kirkman, who tells the adventures of a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in the state of Georgia.

I have seen zombie movies and series, but, The Walking Dead is amazing, the zombies are more real and each episode has a different plot. The series that had everything to be the best series on TV, but ended up in a repetitive cycle of confrontations, recovery and peace. They dragged the series out too long and the plot got lost. It is the best series, I love how the characters know how to differentiate personal relationships with the survival of that world full of walkers. I am fascinated by this series, with that touch of mystery, cruelty, blood, action, even love.

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Its second season shows the teenager facing a double love and new challenges in her school, in 10 entertaining chapters where the way in which the complications and joys of the passage to adulthood are addressed is essential, with the same perfect mix of comedy and drama that marked its first cycle.

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A total of eight episodes that begin when the H5G9 viral strain, the most deadly since the Black Death, attacks the planet and causes a health crisis witnessed directly by Aditya Singh (Adeel Akhtar), a doctor at one of the main hospitals in Essex County, who sees how the virus attacks most of the city’s and the world’s population.

And although its protagonists are animals, the greatest charm of the series is how it brings to the screen the most human and mundane experiences, exploring the types of people and conflicts that one can encounter every day.

Paquita leads her careers with hits and misses. Her adventures make you laugh, but the series also brings a tear or two to your eye as it presents a fake and sometimes pathetic show, full of lights that go out in the blink of an eye.