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This is the sixth Pixar film, directed and scripted by Brad Bird, while John Lasseter was in charge of the production process. In addition, actors Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Spencer Fox, Sarah Vowell, Jason Lee and Samuel L. Jackson, among others, lent their voices to the film’s leading cast. The Incredibles also performed well at the box office, grossing more than $600 million worldwide, and garnered favorable reviews from several media outlets, including the compilation sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. It also won a pair of Oscars in the categories of Best Sound Editing and Best Animated Feature, along with several other awards and nominations.

The plot deals primarily with family bonds – which Bird called «the greatest superpower of all» – as well as a series of moral dilemmas that, in the filmmaker’s opinion: «[Have to do with] personal questions about being a husband and a father, aging, the importance of family, the meaning of work, and what it feels like to think you’re losing the things you love.[2] While Mr. Incredible initially prefers to go it alone on the film’s central mission, «his heroism soon becomes his undoing. The Incredible family manages to save the day only when they remain united as a team and as a family.»[3] The Incredible family is a team.

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The Incredibles 2 is a 2018 American animated film directed by Brad Bird. It is the sequel to the film The Incredibles. It is the twentieth animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

The Incredibles 2 starts minutes after where the first movie ended. This time everyone’s favorite superhero family will focus on Helen, leaving Bob at home with Violet and Dash, managing the day to day normal life of these heroes. This will be a big change for everyone, and to top it all off, the family is unaware of Jack Jack’s budding superpowers. When a new villain prepares his brilliant and dangerous evil plan, the family and Frozono must find a way to work together again, something that seems much easier in theory than in practice, even if they are all amazing.

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«The Incredibles 2» hits the big screenReview of «The Incredibles 2»: Mutant values and immutable valuesBrad Bird and Pixar are back with the sequel to Disney’s blockbuster superhero movie.

Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *Even if only for «Ratatouille» and «The Incredibles,» anyone of any age, moviegoer or not, has a debt owed to Brad Bird, the screenwriter and director, that is not paid off by the loose change in his pocket.