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The beginning of everything: with this saga we discovered characters that marked the following decades of animation, like Goku himself or Bulma. These beginnings are full of sympathy and humor, but also fights logically. The options that I have been able to find to relive the journey in Spanish are the following:

In total, the three sets come out for a price of about 150 euros, which at first may sound like a direct hook to the wallet. However, you have to think that once paid you have it forever, and with all kinds of subtitles and languages among which support for Spanish, Catalan and other alternatives is included.

This is where both Goku and the franchise itself reached adulthood. The protagonist was no longer a simple teenager full of potential to know his origins as a saiyan and even form a family, which would have much to say in the most crucial phases for the survival of the Earth. Where to watch it in streaming? Well, here are a few options:

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Well it’s time to see the most powerful transformations of Goku in its most powerful phases, with this powerful transformation is with which he fights and defends the planet earth of these threats that want its destruction.

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Only an anime like Dragon Ball could come back several decades later and make its fans vibrate with emotion again with Dragon Ball Super, a series that can be watched on Netflix. Its success has been resounding!

The mangaka’s work is inspired by the Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, in which we see the Monkey King “Sum Wukong” (Son Goku) with a flying cloud and even a magic staff. The story tells the adventures of Goku, a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta who is sent to planet Earth.

Goku learns everything he needs about combat with Master Roshi, who helps him develop his full potential, and meets a group of great friends such as Krilin, Tenshinhan, Bulma, Yamcha and a long etcetera and plunges into an adventure to find the seven dragon balls. Over time, Goku becomes a great warrior capable of defending the planet Earth from the most fearsome threats.

During the current times we have been able to witness the birth of all kinds of streaming platforms that offer a wide catalog of series, movies and documentaries. Some platforms such as Netflix have recently begun to incorporate anime content into their services, with brutal success. In fact, they even venture to produce live-action movies of certain anime, as in the case of Netflix’s Death Note movie, although it received very harsh criticism.

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Goku, Trunks and Pan’s new destination is Planet Kelbo, where Giru detects a new dragon ball. This ball belongs to a princess, Lemu, who will give them the Dragon Ball if they finish with Zuhnamer, a monster. In the end they don’t kill him, but will make him serve the princess as a seismic detector.

After all this, a being appears who steals the Dragon Balls, discovering that they are Bonpara, Donpara and Sonpara.Dr Myu programmed the birth of Baby, a parasite created to conquer the entire galaxy. Baby heads to Earth where he infects almost the entire planet. Baby manages to parasitize several characters such as Goten and Vegeta. In a thrilling confrontation, Goku manages to become Super Saiyan 4 getting to make Baby flee but Goku prevents him with a Kamehameha sending him directly into the sun, thus ending Baby.

After all, a portal has been opened between Earth and Hell produced by Dr Myu and Dr Gero with which they intend to take over the Earth and the Universe. To do this they take 3 stepsKrilin would die once again, at the hands of Android 17 by making his wife Android 18 reconsider not to join the evil Android 17 again. This new Android is terribly strong and even almost kills Vegeta but Goku prevents it although he is defeated by Super Android 17 despite having become Super Saiyan 4. Finally, Goku realizes that Super Android 17 has a weakness which is that while absorbing the enemy attacks he can not attack or defend and that’s when he takes the opportunity to kill him with a Kamehameha.

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