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When confronted by a group of three vampires (Victoria, Laurent and James) who share no respect for human life, Bella puts her life and that of her father in danger. In the end there is a confrontation of the group with Edward’s family as they try to defend Bella.

Eclipse is the third novel in the series. It opens with Victoria attacking young Riley Biers and transforming him into a vampire to lead the army of neophyte vampires she is creating. Victoria’s purpose is to attack Bella and the Cullen family and, in this way, avenge the death of James that occurs in the first book of the series. Meanwhile, Edward Cullen refuses to give Bella immortality until they are married and she has had various human experiences; and Bella’s father, Charlie Swan, is investigating the disappearance of Riley Biers and other young people. Edward suspects their disappearance was caused by vampires.

Alice has a vision of the army of newly transformed vampires who, led by Riley Biers, attack Forks. Faced with the threat of the neophyte attack, rivals Edward and Jacob make peace. In addition, an alliance is created between the Cullens and the lycanthropes: they agree on a meeting place and time to train and discuss defense strategy. During the training, Jasper explains to Bella that he was created by Maria, a vampire who controlled an army of neophytes. He confesses that he hated her existence until meeting Alice and joining the Cullens.

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Julián receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada. The two friends, along with Truman, his faithful dog, will share over four intense days, emotional and surprising moments, caused by the difficult situation that Julian is going through. Directed by Cesc Gay, ‘Truman’ was nominated for six Goya Awards in 2016, of which it won five: Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Javier Cámara), Best Original Screenplay, Best Leading Actor (Ricardo Darín) and Best Direction. you can watch it here!

This is the story of an unemployed teacher who, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, decides to face the situation putting her best face forward: her fight will make it possible for her and her closest environment to live unsuspected scenes of humor and even happiness. You can watch it here!

Marcos is the second coach of a professional basketball team. After a brawl with the first coach and a car accident, Marcos is fired and forced to do 90 days of social work coaching a team of people with intellectual disabilities. What is initially a torture for Marcos due to the particularities of the members of the group, will gradually become a learning experience, both for Marcos and the team, that will transform their lives. You can watch it here!

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