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Janet Gaynor and Fredric March starred in the first version of A Star Is Born, directed by William A. Wellman in 1937. Then, remakes started to come: George Cukor with Judy Garland and James Mason in 1954; then, Frank Pierson with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in 1976; and, now, Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut, and also starring alongside Lady Gaga.Below you can watch the first trailer for A Star Is Born, which will hit theaters next October 11.

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«I’ve always known I wanted to direct but I also knew I needed to have a perspective of my own. To know why I was doing it, otherwise there was no reason to do it. I always wanted to tell a love story, because it’s something everyone can relate to: love, the loss of it, the high it brings. It’s what makes you feel more alive…». Bradley Cooper introduces us to Lady Gaga in ‘A Star Is Born’.

It is true that the story, more than less, is known to all and that there have been several versions and thousands of imitations before. However, this cannot be an obstacle to praise Cooper’s good work, always knowing how to place the camera in the best place and achieving very good scenes with sequence shots, detail shots, general shots, handheld camera,…

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Their joint performance of Shallow at the Oscars is still the best of the gala, so it’s no surprise that the Honest Trailers fans have asked for it and that we already have their particular version of the film, which emphasizes the resemblance between this film and Crazy Heart, for which Jeff Bridges won the Oscar. Especially because of the country theme. That one was already a rip off of A Star Is Born, and this one looks like a rip off of the rip off of the remake of the remake of A Star Is Born. That’s what they say in the Honest Trailer where they even dare to parody one of the songs. Brilliant.

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– Lady Gaga’s Italian accent. You’ll have to watch the preview in its original version to appreciate this new interpretation of the singer and songwriter with all its nuances. Spoiler: it’s very much worth it.

– Actor Jared Leto is absolutely unrecognizable. If you haven’t ‘found’ him in the preview of the film, below we leave you the image that he himself has posted on his Instagram profile to blow your mind:

Yes, it’s him. The same who played the Joker in Suicide Squad, the Oscar winner for Dallas Buyers Club and the great friend of Alessandro Michele, current creative director of Gucci. Showing off his chameleonic power of transformation, and with the invaluable help of prosthetic makeup, this time Leto plays Paolo Gucci, former vice president and director of the fashion brand.

In short, The House of Gucci is about how far a family can go to take control and the value of a family name that brings in millions of dollars in profits. This long-awaited film will be released on November 26th and the truth is that, for fashion and film lovers, this news is the incentive we needed to be looking forward to November when we are only at the gates of August.

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