Star wars clone wars castellano

Star wars clone wars castellano

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Disney had announced in March 2013 the cancellation of The Clone Wars after the five seasons aired by Cartoon Network; however on March 7, 2014 Netflix exclusively aired the sixth season of The Clone Wars. The funny thing was that Lucas already had season 7 of the series in production and due to the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney and delays in the production of the episodes were not finalized, remaining in a state of post-production, unlike the 6 that was produced.

In 2015 they «released» the unfinished episodes of season 7. Unfinished in terms of color, facial animations (and part of the body animations), effects and other things, but completed in terms of dubbing, editing and editing.

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Hasbro presents the Trivial Pursuit inspired by the Star Wars Black Series universe. This is the classic Trivial Pursuit game now with a special Star Wars edition. It includes 1,800 questions from the iconic saga. Players can choose their favorite characters. In it you can become a Jedi master and thus recall the favorite and iconic moments of the movie «Star Wars Ep7 – The Force Awakens». Players will move around the board as a Jedi, as a rebel or as someone from the First Order. Do you accept the challenge?

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