La que se avecina capitulo 118

La que se avecina capitulo 118

Telecinco la que se avecina

La que se avecina es una comedia de situación de la televisión española creada por Alberto Caballero, Laura Caballero y Daniel Deorador. La serie está ambientada en el Mirador de Montepinar, un condominio situado en las afueras de Madrid. El programa es un sucesor indirecto de la comedia de Antena 3 Aquí no hay quien viva. El nombre es un juego de palabras con el verbo «avecinarse», que literalmente significa «hacerse vecino de» y a veces se utiliza la expresión la que se avecina que significa «el problema que se avecina», por lo que alude tanto a ser vecinos como a los roces que existen entre los personajes.

La que se avecina es una temporada especial que se emite hoy en día todos los lunes en FDF [aclaración necesaria] Los espectadores de la serie envían preguntas por Internet a los protagonistas y éstos las contestan. El 8 de abril de 2013 se iba a emitir el episodio de Mariví Bilbao, sólo cinco días después de su muerte.

La que se avecinaspanish television show

Cris and Agustín are a couple who move to 2nd B but in the first episode Agustín leaves Cris a month away from getting married and Cris, depressed, sells the apartment to Vicente and Goya, Javi’s parents. Goya will have problems with Amador and Maite, who live in 2.º A and are parents of Carlota, Nano (Fernando) and Rodrigo. Cris will go with Silvio to live as Antonio and Berta’s rented house in 1st A. Izaskun Sagastume and Mari Tere are two retired women who stay as squatters in the show apartment; of which they eventually become owners, due to the media impact of their story. In the end Sergio and Maite will start an affair and Maite will become pregnant and the construction company will try to destroy the building. Therefore, Javi, Maxi, Leo, Coque, Berta and Antonio will kidnap a member of the construction company.

Amador is named president after Javi fakes a depression to stop being president. Araceli abandons her family, Charo returns to the village and Cris, fed up with Antonio and Berta, also leaves. Enrique will have to take care of Fran and Julián, his father, since he has been kicked out of the nursing home. The construction company goes bankrupt and Raquel becomes Antonio and Berta’s new tenant. She invites Blanca, a friend, to live with her, but Raquel’s mother invites Nines, Raquel’s cousin, to live with them after having divorced her husband, and the three of them will have to live together.


I still can’t believe what I found out… Fiona is involved in smuggling slaves from the Beast Kingdom that she sells to humans… this is reason enough to start a war, it’s really very serious….

-There are still many of the White Rat soldiers alive, so with the excuse that we can’t leave them alone until members of Crystal Skull come to get them, we’ll make you stay here to take care of them… (Dantalian)

I have yet to hear it said by them, but surely what they will tell me is that they completely finished with White Rat… this leaves me in humiliation, not being able to have taken care of something that took the royal family only one day… it doesn’t sound very good. But, the good thing is that it seems they have only focused on their mission, I don’t think they could have had time to investigate about the slaves… that leaves me more calm, I just hope they have killed Magnus…

La que se avecina capitulo 118
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