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When writing a period series, you have to tread carefully. Unless you’re Velvet or Las chicas del cable, which live in alternate past realities, you have to keep in mind the context of the period you want to show. And, of course, it’s very easy to screw up, especially if you include concepts of quantum mechanics in the scripts that you don’t master. It can happen to you like the creators Ross and Matt Duffer, who made a mistake in physics that ruins the entire third season of Stranger Things.

Well, the issue is that this constant, named after the German physicist Max Planck, is much less constant than its name suggests and has changed over time. In 1985 Planck’s constant was believed to be 6.626176 and Suzie instead explains to Hawkins’ heroes that the figure is 6.62607004. The figure she gives is the 2014 updated version of Planck’s constant that was in use when Matt and Ross Duffer were writing the third season. It has since changed again and is now taken to be 6.62607015.

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How do we think ‘Stranger Things 3’ would have ended then? Mmmm. Dustin leaving Suzie (a scientific mistake like that is unforgivable, especially something as easy as Planck’s Constant #irony), Billy and the whole ‘team’ turned into Scourge, and Joyce and Hopper locked up forever in the secret Starcourt base. Tremendous drama.

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If the three seasons of Stranger Things have been characterized by something, apart from the iconic monsters of the Upside Down World, it’s for its careful aesthetics and attention to nostalgic details. Set in the 1980s, the series perfectly reflects the spirit of the eighties. But there is one important detail that the Duffer brothers have overlooked.

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She is, as Dustin has already revealed to the disbelief of his friends, a brainiac who gives him the exact number of the constant and, therefore, the code to open the safe. But first Dustin has to sing along with her ‘Neverending Story’, the central theme of the legendary film The Neverending Story composed by Gorgio Moroder and interpreted by the singer Limahl.

“Many of us finished Season 3 and are very happy that they used Planck’s constant as an important part of the plot,” NIST’s Ben Stein told Yahoo Lifestyle. “We heard the value used in the series and realized that it’s actually the recommended value for 2014, not the one that was available in 1985.”

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And it’s not that they couldn’t help but sing it, it’s that #NeverendingChallenge made a lot of fans and even several celebrities jump into playback, including Millie Bobby Brown, Cary Elwes or Tami Stronach, the actress who played the Childlike Empress in The Neverending Story. Jordi Cruz took the challenge further and edited a full video recreating the scene, in which the presenter appeared dressed as Dustin and Suzie while playbacking and dancing. Netflix has not gone unnoticed Jordi Cruz’s contribution (which already accumulated more than three thousand retweets and seven thousand likes on his original tweet), and has decided to include him in the official montage of the song that appears in Stranger Things, who you can see in the second fifty-eight of the video.

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